A Red Hat

Breast Cancer fact: This year, an estimated 41,760 women will die from breast cancer in the U.S.

Photo: Pink in tulle

I hated sharing the above fact with you. There is one way to change that number. Have your yearly screenings.


Today is going to be hot…again. My afternoon is super busy but this morning is just for me. {Larry is in Dallas}

Since I finished Lauren’s Christmas gift, {don’t worry about me mentioning her gift. She never reads ze blog} I am starting on my Halloween costume. We have a few events that I wear a costume to and waiting till the last minute drives me mad. Besides. I love how happy people are around Halloween.

Photo: Hat fabric and pattern

Today is “Hat Day” using the pattern shown. The hat I am making is the view on the bottom left. The hat will be red, lined in dots.

It was a coincidence that I chose the dot fabric. It matches the boots I bought weeks ago!

Photo: My new Wellies

Will you celebrate Halloween this year? {I dislike when people say that they do not celebrate Halloween because it is an evil holiday. Halloween can be anything YOU want it to be. Please don’t use the excuse evil….because, if your heart is true, you can do anything} My plan is to make people smile this year! Last year I had the same plan. BUT I tried on a huge costume head at the market to make Larry laugh. For my reward and trying on that huge head, I got my very first case of pink eye. Go figure. Sixty four years old and getting pink eye for the first time The fun thing is, I can still hear Larry laugh when I tried on the costume head!

My sewing machine has brand new red thread threaded in it and I am off to make a hat! I have never made a hat like this before. Stay tuned!

Please make today, whatever you want it to be.

Love you beyond Pink and tulle,