Red Wellie Boots

Photo: Renoir exhibit-Ft Worth Texas

Larry and I visited this painting last weekend. The cat was enchanting. We were mesmerized. Isn’t it amazing how a painting can touch us? What touches you?


I learned last night that a dear friend, her husband and two sweet dogs evacuated their home in CA. Fire was very near and they did the very wise thing by packing and leaving. Please dear reader, join me in sending calming thoughts, prayers and love to all California residents, first responders and anyone who might be in harms way.


I dressed this morning in my Halloween costume. Each year I wear my costume all day. Perhaps I am to old to do that but in some crazy way, it inspires me.

Photo: Part of my Halloween costume.

Have a good day. Happy Halloween.

Love you beyond my red Wellington boots.


My Blurring Days

My days have been passing in a blur. Life is touched by my best of friends. They ask: How are you. That is when you know that someone cares. Just saying: How are you and then listening to the answer makes someone, very special in your life.

My Larry took me to the Kimbell Museum last Saturday. The Renoir Exhibit was open to members and Larry took me to ART and lunch.

I like Renoir, but his work does not “thrill” me. I do have a favorite Renoir. It is a beautiful piece and it gives me a calm feeling.

Photo: Title:Girl Crocheting

I took this shot on Saturday. I wanted to share the painting in the lighting as I saw it…..calm. Right? It makes me sigh.

It is Tuesday morning. The sun is not up yet….let the blurr begin.

Love you.


In The Mail

Photo: Angel Of Hope

Last week, I received a box in the mail. Inside was a statue, The Angel Of Hope. A very good friend, Lisa, knew that I needed a boost. With Hope, was a card with a note from Lisa and a quote from the ARTIST. {below}

I love the idea of lighting a candle for someone, or for a wish, or a thought … keeping it alive, carrying it forward. So this angel is sheltering and protecting a small candle with a little gold-leafed flame. It’s important that the flame is small — sometimes it’s just a little flicker or a fleeting sign that can give you hope. Sometimes for me, focusing on seemingly insignificant things — events or happenings that I might ordinarily take for granted — it’s those things, those little miracles, which can give hope. I wanted Angel of Hope to be a positive piece. Kind of like the little spark that keeps us going.” —Susan Lordi

The promise and the hope, that we can give others is a priceless gift.

Lisa, thank you for always being there for me. Our friendship spans 40 years. {WHAT?} Thank you for being in my life.

Photo: Hope The Angel in the kitchen.

Hope the Angel goes with me around the house. She is a reminder and a blessing from a good friend.

Love you.


Tea and Scones

Photo: Making scones this morning

It has been raining all morning and all I could think of is, tea and scones. White chocolate chip scones, with Earl Grey tea, in my Lenox tea cup. {the tea cup is important}

Isn’t life wonderful? When we are worried or upset, there is a comfort zone that we escape into. We all have a comfort zone and everyone’s zone must be as individual as their DNA.

The scones are out of the oven. Larry took half of them next door to our wonderful neighbors and then Larry and I will each have one and take the rest to grand daughter Matilda.

Photo: White chocolate chip scones

Be happy, each moment of today is a gift. Even when it is raining like crazy.

Love you beyond the clotted cream.


Dog Days Are Over

Photo: Paris at sunset

Larry and I go on Fall Holiday next month . Why does it feel like we leave tomorrow? { just wishing, I suppose?}

Today, I am starting the prayer list. Each year, Larry and I gather a list of names of people who are in need of prayer. While on holiday we light candles and pray for each person. We call this, “First Night Prayers”….if you would like your name or someone whom you know, who is in need of prayer put on the list…..Please email me at:

Along with Prayers today, I am finishing another Christmas gift. Getting everything finished early feels “right” to me this year. Fingers crossed that I can manage it all.

At least, the dog days of summer are finally over.

Photo: The Atlanta Areboretum

Because the season has changed, I feel inspired to get things organized and some ART completed. When I feel this way, I usually like the ART I create. That is unusual for me to like anything I create. You can smile.

Taking about ART. Larry and I saw a movie last weekend. It was titled, Pain And Glory. It is a Spanish movie with English subtitles. I loved the movie….and in the movie was the most amazing ART. I am planning to see the movie again, just to look at the ART. Check it out..the movie is great.

Photo: Last weeks movie

Please have a good Thursday….it is my favorite day of the week.

Love you beyond the moon.


To Croire {Believe}

A Long time ago {1975}, a young girl lived in Memphis Tennessee. She loved the flower shop she managed, a boy she was dating {Larry Tolbert} and The Great Pumpkin. One Halloween day Larry came to her house and asked her out on a date. She said, I am so sorry but I am baking cookies to deliver to the neighbors for The Great Pumpkin. Oh how she loved The Great Pumpkin. {Larry was not happy}

Fast forward, 2019…..Larry and I were cuddled in bed early last night. Watching The Great Pumpkin on TV as we do each year…..and then, Larry said, Isn’t it interesting that as adults, we are here, hoping for The Great Pumpkin to arrive to visit Linus? {and we know that he does not show up}

We have seen the show about 100 times, but we still hope that The Great Pumpkin is coming…..

The idea that as adults, having hope and positive thoughts for things makes me happy. How easy would it be to be grumpy and negitive during our day?

Today is beautiful The sun is out and our neighbors are recovering from Sunday night tornadoes. Larry and I too had wind damage. A huge branch from the old pecan tree out front, snapped, staying part on the tree and falling in through the roof and into the guest room ceiling. Rain dripped in and then the ceiling fell on Larry’s head {as were were figuring out how to get the tree out}, then the flood….it was a mess. But it will be OK.

It is still a beautiful day and I believe in The Great Pumpkin. Don’t you?

Love you beyond the moon.


Scarf and Hat

Photo: Scarf and Hat

Last year, while in London, I bought a new hat at Kensington Palace. It was on sale at a huge bargain. This autumn I made a scarf to match it, using two different yarns combined. {a wool and a mohair}

Photo: Scarf and Hat

This morning while finishing up the scarf by weaving in pieces of yarn, I brought out the new hat. I cannot wait to wear them both.

What are you excited for as this Autumn season makes itself known?

Love you.


Care, Respect and Love

Photo: My “other” journal.

I have been unfaithful.

For the past few weeks, I have been journaling in my “other” journal. My life journey has become very personal. My days are filled with distractions, but filled with hope. I appriciate every one of you who have checked on me. Good friends are the example of what is good in this world. Care, respect and love. I am blessed indeed.

Cool weather has finally arrived in Texas. My spirit has been lifted by the change. The days are beautiful and are filled with movement that only the cooler weather inspires.

Last evening, we had dinner with Jami and Jared. It was a wonderful evening. We talked, had a good dinner and enjoyed the moments together.

It is early on Saturday morning. It is a beautiful, sunny, kind of morning that reminds us that today is what is important.

Have a happy Saturday.

Love you beyond the moon.