Paul Anka Under A Full Moon

Photo: Sitting at the Opera House

Larry and I had tickets for a concert last night. We also had reservations at the Opera House for dinner. It was a beautiful evening. We sat outside and enjoyed the pre-evening, before the evening.

When it was time for us to be seated, we went to the restaurant. They did not have our reservation. {we had made reservations and paid for dinner in June} They said they we could carry our food to an upper level, {in the elevator} but they would “fit us in”….Larry was angry.

We met with the manager, she gave us our money back and we walked to Steven Pyles Restaurant. The Maitre D was charming. When he heard our delima and that we needed to be at the concert in 90 minutes, he said no problem.

He sat us at the chefs table. It was a choreography of its own. I adored being in the kitchen, at Steven’s restaurant.

Photo: our wonderful dinner at the chefs Table

We sipped our wine. We talked to the chefs. We laughed, had a wonderful dinner { Larry had the rabbit, I had the chicken} but still worried about making it to the concert in time.

The meal was fabulous. We were on time but I did not get dessert. Next time, right?

We left for the concert.

Photo: Paul Anka Dallas September 2019

Paul Anka, was charming. We were on time AND had the best time. What an amazing concert. {Trivia: Paula Anka was part of the famous “Rat Pack” back in the day}

So much happened last evening and I have left out 3/4’s of it. It was an amazing evening. Moments with Larry are the best…not to mention moments with Paul Anka under a full harvest moon.

As our evening crumbled and then was pieced together in the most wonderful way, I was reminded that I am not in charge at all. God handled things just perfectly and I am thankful……not to mention….Paul Anka under a full moon.

Love you beyond the moon.