Love Is…

I only write this blog for myself. It is my journal, my thoughts and my problems. The goal was for me only to post positive things. Lately, I have had a few difficulties to navigate.

During my days, things happen. You know the kind of things. Insulting, unkind things. Coming from people that you least expect it from and then there it is BAM! Typically, I shut down and go home, dealing with it myself by keeping busy and throwing myself into whatever ART project is on the easel.

The way I have been dealing with things makes me unhappy with myself. If someone has the gall to be insulting with me, do I have the right to be respond in kind?

Many years ago, my therapist told me, if you are going to tell someone something, make sure it makes at least one of you feel better. I am almost to that point.

Larry believes that rude behavior stems from bad manners and anger. Larry is wise, but since I am feeling bitchy today, I disagree. I believe it comes from disrespect and the need to bolster ego.

I love my life. My little life. I chose to stay at home and raise my daughters. Larry is the love of my life and our moments together are the best moments of the day. Just like anyone else, I have had major bumps in my life and I am a better person for them. I don’t want to disrespect anyone.

But, please don’t be unkind to anyone. {I am talking to me! You! Anyone who might be reading this} Being kind is an easy mindset. It is positive and caring. It is the right thing.

Thank you for listening.

Love you beyond the moon.