Three Textures

I am home again.

Is it my age or am I that person who loves going away just to have that special feeling of coming home again? Is that why I love Carol King’s song HOME AGAIN so very much?

My Larry and I were in Austin. Austin is a very special city. We check into our hotel. Larry works and then we walk to one of my favorite restaurants and meet friends.

But now, we are home again.

It is very early this Sunday morning. {6:00am} I have a committee meeting at 8 {for church} at Starbucks. Then Larry and I will go to Sunday School and church. The afternoon is planned and no. No football is included this Sunday.

I am just happy to be home.

Photo: Shot from Austin. I love the three textures in this photo. We were walking to dinner. It was the end if the day. Perfection

Love you.