Happy Thursday! Yesterday I was alone all day. I worked on projects, read, exercised…and ate junk food. Another successful Wednesday.

Being alone all day plays with your psychological health. I did not see one human. Wait, I did see a person as they drove down the street when I was getting the mail. They did not wave.

When you are alone, you have no one to share opinions with.

I was furious when the Cowboys football player updated his “contract” and will get 90 million dollars. What??? That is hardly even a real number to me. I know school teachers in inter-city Memphis who are in desperate need of supplies. Minnies Food Pantry here in Plano is in need almost every day….oh my. I could go on and on. I hope Mr Elliott makes huge donations.

Photo: my current book

The book I am reading is kind of interesting. Rather odd and has the ability to hold my attention. Sometimes all you need is an odd, easy to read novel. Right?

Today has become busy. I am missing Book Club and a visit with a friend. Busy is good! {esp on a Thursday!}

Love you beyond my Paperwhite Kindle.