In The Dining Room

This summer has lasted absolutly forever. It seems like the 100 degree days are going to continue into October. I am ready Autumn!

Photo: In The Dining Room

Yesterday, after walking my miles and before dinner, we were in the house, avoiding the heat. I looked around at the nest I have created…

Our dining room blinds are closed to keep the heat out, like an old Southern Cottage. All I need is a box of chocolates and a good book. Then I will look like the crazy lady who sits in the dark house fanning herself , reading and eating bon-bons.


Photo: View from the work table.

When I look to my right while sitting at my work table, the window is filled with my bottles. They are Wheaton, bitters bottles. I have been collecting for about 40 years. They are one of the contstants in my life that bring the light and color to the day. I love them very much and today they are bright and shining, almost saying Happy Tuesday!


Photo: The new project

Since I am soon finished Larry’s new scarf, I have chosen a pattern to make me a scarf! My new winter coat is hanging in the guest room closet {GAP had a sale} and I will make a new scarf. The pattern is sweet and I will decide on the color when I am at the yarn shop. My coat is black wool and the yarn shop is in McKinney Texas. Sounds like a plan?


Yesterday, Labor Day, Larry cooked our dinner out on the grill. {i do not have a photo!} We watched the news while we ate. The news is bad these days and my heart breaks for so many. My prayers are inclusive and full. If you are in harms way please know that you are being thought of.

Love you beyond the bitters bottles.