Pink And Picnics

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- *The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2019 about 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women.

Photo: Pink in the studio

I am happy to start October, Breast Cancer Awareness month today. {one day early} Pink is in the work room, my mammogram is scheduled and I feel super nervous. The breast surgeon I have gone to during my 7 year breast cancer journey, retired this year. It feels like I have been left alone on a new journey. Sweet, wonderful Larry reminded me that I do not need certain things anymore.

I can do this!!!


Sunday Picnic

Photo: Heart shaped sandwiches, white chocolate scones and Champagne

Yesterday I planned a picnic, created the menu, baked and made goodies.

We had chicken salad and pimento cheese, heart shaped sandwiches. Sweet, salty mixed nuts and white chocolate scones. Tsarine Champagne and for dessert we had macaroons and truffles.

Photo: Picnic dessert

We sat on our bench at the Dallas Arboretum, enjoying the picnic in extreme heat. It was September 29th and our picnic was one to remember.

I am glad the weekend is over. This month holds many, wonderful and interesting things. {including Halloween!}

Have a good day.

Love you beyond the stars and moon.


Black and White

Photo: Blogging from bed

I woke early this morning with a migraine head-ache. Skipping my walk, I stayed in bed. Soon enough the news shouted BREAKING NEWS. {whistle blower testimony}

So, here I am, an “everyday American” watching history being made from bed. My idea of right and wrong are, forgive me, but they are black and white. How can there be so many versions of the truth?

I am non-partisan and do not share my political views, so please, do not assume anything.

I am watching the BREAKING NEWS from bed and feel sad for our country, but will share this. No color is brighter than black and white.

Love you beyond the moon.


Five Days Till October

I truly did not want to walk my miles today. Bed was comfortable and I felt tired. Then I heard his voice.

Larry said: Come on.

So I hopped out of bed, threw on shorts and a t shirt.

Off we went, into the dark morning. We watched the sun rise over the lake. We talked about fun things, I bitched about bitchy things, we said hello to other walkers who we have come to know and we breathed in the amazing fresh air of a brand new day.

My Larry, my daughters, granddaughter and my health. Moments during my day remind me that God has blessed me many times during my life.

By His grace, I am here to journal daily. I am here to create, worry and love the loves in my life.

This is my testimony. This is my faith. As we approach October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, I need to remember the women who are fighting.

So many of you support me in the spring as we raise funds for breast cancer reasearch and screenings, will you join me in October? With positive thoughts, kindly reminding our loved ones to get mammograms and supporting anyone who might be fighting the fight.

I am not sure why I call it that. “Fighting The Fight”…perhaps it is because that is how I felt when I was in the middle of treatment.

October starts in five days. Do you know anyone who is fighting the fight? I do. I will be sending cards, writing letters, baking treats and anything else I can do to support anyone who is in treatment. Lets do this together?

Love you beyond pink ribbons.



Photo: Larry ~ Sous Chef

After my bath, I strolled through the house, looking for My Larry {he was not in his office}. I found him in the kitchen, chopping up bell pepper and onion.

Photo: Veggies for chili

It is going to HOT again in Texas, but all I can think about is my Mothers chili. I want it and I want it today! Typical for Larry’s accommodating personality, my wish is…….you know the rest.

Right now, Mothers chili is doing its time in the old Crock Pot. Eight hours to be exact. Larry has gone into town for a meeting and I must get dressed and get busy.

Two years ago, after lack luster receptions, I swore that I would stop making hand-made gifts for Christmas. {perhaps I chose the wrong recipients?} Insert frown face. BUT here I am, again, making gifts for Christmas. Call me CRAZY.

Chili is in the Crock Pot, Christmas gifts are being created….to bad that it is going to be 95 degrees outside today.

While I am working at the sewing machine, I watch Netflix. {in my cool studio} There is a very interesting series I found. Will share it on Blog tomorrow if it is not to gruesome today.

Have the best day. Follow your heart, be happy.

Love you beyond Frito Pie,

Just call me CRAZY

Just Be

Photo: my number and medal

It is a quiet morning. My thoughts are quiet also. The weekend was busy, eventful and profound.

Thanks to the ones who encouraged me, loved me and supported me. The list is short. The list is important.

Please remember. People will treat you the way that they feel about you. NO expectations and always follow your heart.

I have birthday cards written and ready for the mailman. {Birthday Boy Zach, get ready!!} Laundry is almost finished, I am making a Christmas gift and it is just 8:00 am.

I am not in training any longer. The marathon is done till next year and I am working on Christmas gifts. I am waiting patiently for the Autumn weather and find myself encouraged to create and just BE.

I wish you the same good fortune.

Love you.


Just A Quick Note

Hi! Quick note. I am in training for Saturday’s race…..

Photo: Training means alternating my runs…today is a hard one.

I love my socks. Bombas! They are a huge help with my slight foot condition called, Haglund’s deformity. No joke, but it is kind of funny.


Photo: The palette of fabrics

AND I am working on Christmas gifts. Do you know how people say how much they ADORE hand made gifts? Do you think that they mean it? Well…I am working and it is very likely that you are getting something made with my two hands.

Photo: These are not all of the colors….

My hands and feet are killing me. In training and making gifts. Good thing I do not have to use my brain much. Oui?

Have a happy day.

Love you beyond the colored bobbins.


Paul Anka Under A Full Moon

Photo: Sitting at the Opera House

Larry and I had tickets for a concert last night. We also had reservations at the Opera House for dinner. It was a beautiful evening. We sat outside and enjoyed the pre-evening, before the evening.

When it was time for us to be seated, we went to the restaurant. They did not have our reservation. {we had made reservations and paid for dinner in June} They said they we could carry our food to an upper level, {in the elevator} but they would “fit us in”….Larry was angry.

We met with the manager, she gave us our money back and we walked to Steven Pyles Restaurant. The Maitre D was charming. When he heard our delima and that we needed to be at the concert in 90 minutes, he said no problem.

He sat us at the chefs table. It was a choreography of its own. I adored being in the kitchen, at Steven’s restaurant.

Photo: our wonderful dinner at the chefs Table

We sipped our wine. We talked to the chefs. We laughed, had a wonderful dinner { Larry had the rabbit, I had the chicken} but still worried about making it to the concert in time.

The meal was fabulous. We were on time but I did not get dessert. Next time, right?

We left for the concert.

Photo: Paul Anka Dallas September 2019

Paul Anka, was charming. We were on time AND had the best time. What an amazing concert. {Trivia: Paula Anka was part of the famous “Rat Pack” back in the day}

So much happened last evening and I have left out 3/4’s of it. It was an amazing evening. Moments with Larry are the best…not to mention moments with Paul Anka under a full harvest moon.

As our evening crumbled and then was pieced together in the most wonderful way, I was reminded that I am not in charge at all. God handled things just perfectly and I am thankful……not to mention….Paul Anka under a full moon.

Love you beyond the moon.