Thursday Moments At The Cottage

It is 100 degrees outside today but something feels “fallish” about the day…I secretly believe that it is the school supply syndrome. Just seeing school supplies puts us in mind for Autumn. {School supplies are wonderful}


Photo: Matilda’s Camp-Robi bag

Matilda’s Camp Robi bag needs a few patches sewn on. You are not imagining it. She has tons more patches than I do. Her Father gets them for her. {Except the poop one. I confess} I am sewing right now… one hand on the lap-top, one hand on the sewing machine. { I know that I am testing the sarcastic limits today. Forgive me? We all have very bad days-weeks-months, right?}

Sarcasm: Just one of the many services I offer.


Lew and Debbie next door brought us a treat! It is the same plant that grows in our garden on Kaua’i. I LOVE this plant and it makes me smile when I walk into the kitchen. Thank you Debbie and Lew. You are the best next door neighbors!

Photo: Hawaiian plant from our next door neighbors

I must start sewing patches on Matilda’s bag. I promised to return it to her Saturday.


Thursdays are the best day of the week. Please be unlike me and find someone to be kind to….

Love you beyond the moon.