Planters At Home Depot

It was a warm day yesterday. Church was full. There was a baptism and it was communion Sunday. Our new minister was full of vim and vigor. I like her {Rev. Angie} so much. Her energy and faith inspires me in many ways.

We went to a little antique shop in Dallas before dinner. I left a vintage Louis Vuitton purse behind for the next shopper. I just did not need it right now. But it was very nice. Wink.

Photo: Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinnner and a movie was easy, comfort food. I made pot roast sliders, my special potato salad and stuffed jalapenos. Dessert was Boston cream pie and our movie was…

Photo: Sunday movie

I LOVE this movie. It is quirky, about beautiful food, Van Morrison sings the score and it has a happy ending. What else do I need on a Sunday afternoon?

Photo: Birthday Succulents

For my birthday, Lars, Josh and Matilda gave me cacti. Each month two arrive and lighten up my kitchen window. They come in a brown box and yes, I transplant them into cute pots from Home Depot. The sea glass is from Kaua’i where I pick it up on the beach.

The plants in the blue pot came most recently. I was worried about the tall one as it was leaning over. But, he is happy how. he was leaning because of photosynthesis. I water them once a week….and I am enjoying them so much!

Tomorrow, is Mothers {Gracie’s} birthday. She died in 1995, but her birthday is always part of my “year”….I love celebrating her. {she would have loved the cacti birthday gift}

Happy Monday. Sending love, vim and vigor!

Love you beyond all the awsome planters at Home Depot.