Monet, Analogies and Opinions

Yesterday I spent the morning in Ft Worth. The Kimbell Museum of ART is soon going to say good bye to the beloved Monet exhibit. I needed more time with some of my favorite paintings.

Photo: Monet~Japanese Bridge

After the museum, my lunch was at Chef Point Restaurant where I had the delightful salmon and grilled veggies. {have you seen the restaurant on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives?}

The cottage is a cluttered mess today. I have finished the holiday cards and must pack them for France. {where I will mail them from la poste} The cards are finished! I am happy!

Photo: Holiday card clutter

The ironing board is up and ready for work. I have cut out a dress and my fingers are itching to start work.

Photo: Dress pattern and pin cushion

I will have time to work on the dress this weekend. Larry has a hundred restaurants in Florida and will be busy the next few days. Hurricane Dorian will be hitting the FLA shores sometime early next week? Who really knows? Larry coordinates everything having to do with the restaurants and the supplier he works for. {he loves his job} I will sew during the storm.

Good news! The orchid that I bought at Whole Foods a couple of months ago is re-blooming!!

Photo:Orchid re-blooming

My life is very much like an orchid. Beauty {happiness} for a short amount of time and then it becomes bland or bleak as time is needed to renew the spirit of the plant by letting it rest. Then, as a new shoot emerges from the boring foliage, hope reigns. The hope and promise that good days are ahead. Orchid analogies are always wonderful, aren’t they?

I must admit, recently I have felt invisible. My family is awesome, but outsiders and friends have made me aware. Is this what happens when you turn 65? Do we become less relevant as we become older? How important is our opinion?

Perhaps like the orchid, better days are ahead?

This is the last weekend, of August. Have a great Labor Day!

Love you beyond the moon.


Oh The Smile

It is hot again today in Dallas. I am getting agitated by the heat and lack of energy. So, I am dressing to go on an excursion. Not far, but something that inspires me and makes me happy.

I will leave you with one of my favorite photos from the Atlanta trip last week.

Photo: Atlanta Arboretum

Please do me a favor? Today do something that makes you smile. SMILE.

Love you beyond the HEARTS.


Impossible To Forget

Photo: At the dining room table

It rained during the night and I did not sleep. I read the book on my Kindle and bought a new novel for when I finish the current book. The sun is out now. The dining room is a-glare with sun coming through the windows.


Photo: The odd dress

This past weekend, I had to go to the fabric shop. I accidently found this odd pattern. It is so odd, that I love it. The black fabric has gold, raised dots. I love that too. I will make the dress in all of the same fabric and with sleeves. It will be perfect for traveling. {imagine France, the dress, and with black tights and ballet flats. Perfection}

Photo: The beginning of my Halloween costume

The reason I went to the fabric store was to buy a pattern for my Halloween costume. Above is the pattern for my costume. Can you tell by that, what I will be dessed as?


Photo: View into the kitchen

I left the dish washer door open. Lately,I have been forgetting to empty it when it is clean, but if I leave the door open, It is impossible to forget.

I guess it is time to get busy.

Thank you for listening. XOX

Love you beyond the new fabric.


Today Is Rosemary’s Day

Today is my friend Rosemary’s birthday. I am wishing her Happy Birthday here, on blog, because this is how we met.

Many years ago, one day, while online, she came across Robin Toujours. She realized that we have lived parallel lives. {it is uncanny how many things coincide} I do not know how long she read the blog before she met me on FaceBook…but I am so happy that she did.

Rosemary is the relative that I always wished for. She is my sister and friend.

Photo: Lunch in Austin. Rosemary is in the middle

Dear Rosemary,

Happy Birthday! Larry and I send love and best wishes to you {and David-NTG} today. Your special day.

I wish you good health, lots of love, many special moments and many more years!

Have the best birthday ever!

Much love,

Robin & Larry

PS: You can open your gift today!

THE Anniversary Card

Photo: THE Anniversary card {card one}

Larry and I love greeting cards so much that for a very long time we did not exchange them. {we did not like throwing them away} Then….one year I gave him a card. The one above. That was in 2005. He loved the card so much that we just kept re-signing it each year till it was full of notes.

I told him that I would buy a ribbon and add a card and we could treat it as one card. That is what we have done all of these years.

Photo: THE Anniversary card {card two}
Photo: THE Anniversary card {card three}

At our anniversary dinner this year, after reading all of the sweet messages, Larry announced that THE Anniversary card was full. Again. I agreed that it was full and to be honest, I hated thinking about finding number four card to be inserted in the anniversary card. But then, Larry said it. Lets use Aggies card!

In the mail on our anniversary, there was the BEST card from Aggie. {Aggie is Mothers first cousin}

Aggie always remembers us. She is a prolific card sender/letter writer. I adore her so much and her communications always make me smile and feel family.

Below is Aggies anniversary card …and now it is part of THE Anniversary card. I love it!

Photo: THE Anniversary card. Aggies card makes number four.

It is becoming our anniversary mini book. The notes to each other span quite a few years. It always makes me happy. Now it will be put away till next August.

Aggie, thank you for the wonderful card and now being part of the tradition. Your card fit perfectly into the ribbon.

Next year, Larry and I celebrate year 43. I love him so much. Why is time going by so fast?


Then on Sunday. We had chores to do, visited Jamison and took her dogs to the dog park. It was the best day…

Sunday dinner and a movie conisisted of….Jimmy Johns Frenchie sandwiches. I had made pizza dough but did not feel like making the pizzas. So Frenchies! Larry aggreed.

Photo: Sunday Dinner and a Movie
Photo: Sunday movie

We had sandwiches, chips and watched HOUSE BOAT. I love that movie so much, we own it. To love and be loved……

I hope that your weekend was nice. Oh yes, now it is good old Monday….frown face. {Laundry is swirling} Please have a good Monday. I am trying too.

Love you beyond the moon.



Photo: Last nights sunset. * Last evening I was struck by the beauty of the world that we live in. It reminded me that there so much out there that is bigger than me.

“Our light shines the brightest

when we are working on something

bigger than ourselves.”

Have a happy Sunday.

Love you.


Escape To Atlanta Part Two

Last week we flew off to Atlanta. We sat in wonderful seats and enjoyed the journey.

We stayed in a lodge type hotel. I loved it. It was relaxing. Perfectly relaxing.

Photo: view from our hotel room

On Friday night, after arriving, larry had to go eat at his favorite fast food restaurant. Krystal Burger. {they do not have Krystals in Texas} He pigged out.

Photo: Krystal Burger is a favorire of Larry’s

Saturday morning, we went to the Atlanta Arboretum. It was wonderful. The exhibit was Alice In Wonderland. The garden map had each topiary numbered…we had the best time finding all of the garden pieces.

Photo: Pegasus

Photo: The Godess

Photo: Woolly Mannoth

Photo: Dragon

Photo: Mermaid

Photo: THE Chess game

Photo:The rabbit
Photo: The Cheshire Cat
Photo: The Shaggy Dog
Photo: Dale Chihuli glass in entry

It was a good day. We went back to the hotel and cleaned up for dinner with Karen and John, where we had the best evening catching up. Unfortunately I did not get one picture at dinner. { I think that I talked to much} Karen did you get a photo?

The next morning, we met our awesone friends Karen and John again, for brunch in Senoia, GA at Bistro Hilary. It was wonderful, wonderful!

Photo: My breakfast at Hilarys

Senoia is where they film the show Walking Dead. Larry is a fan, so we all had the best time. After brunch, we walked around the little town. It was charming….

After saying good bye to our dear friends, {it always makes me sad to say bye to these two. I adore them so much!} we went to get cleaned up for a dinner party.

Our friend, Anne- Marie was in the states from France. It was her birthday and all friends gathered to celebrate. It was a lovely evening….enjoyed by everyone.

Photo: The Dinner Party
Photo: Our Anne-Marie with her “Prince” Jacques
Photo: Anne-Marie opening gifts

Anne-Marie is part of our family. Her birthday was lovely and the dinner amazing. { Thank you to Linda and David for hosting}

I felt rather sad leaving Atlanta. Such special moments with good friends will live in my heart for a long time.

Thank you for listening as I jounal these things so I will not forget the moments.

Our weekend in Atlanta flew by. Then we flew home to Texas.

Love you beyond Alice In Wonderland.


Escape To Atlanta Part One

Photo: Dale Chihuly Glass at the Atlanta Arboretum~ August 17th, 2018

Last weekend, Larry and I escaped to Atlanta. It was a weekend filled with old friends and new. Inspiration at the gardens. ART and the most interesting, kind people I have met in ages.

We exercised, met friends for dinner,swam, had amazing brunch with friends, cuddled, read and watched a movie, {Love In The Afternoon} before attending a wonderful dinner party.

I will share photos, tomorrow. Today I must take care of little problems on this website, exercise and try to glam up for a dinner in town {Dallas} tonight.

The past days, I have been living in the glow of such a lovely weekend in Georgia. Since being home, we have been very busy and I honestly feel exhausted.

This morning, while in bed, waking up, I felt a tickle on my hand. I looked…and darn it, a SPIDER! Now I will feel creepy all day long. Merde. A spider.

Here is to a creepy, day filled with all things good.

Love you beyond the moon.


The Anniversary Hangover

Photo: Anniversary dinner

Larry and I were married on August 20th 1977. It was a beautiful day in Richmond, VA . I married my best friend. The only person I truly want to spend every day of my life with.

For many years, we spent our anniversary at the beach, playing in the surf and eating at a local steak house for dinner.

A few years ago, we moved our annual beach trip to late in the spring. Now we are home for our anniversary! We buy a cake each year. I cook and we watch a favorite movie. {Can a celebration be any better?}

Yesterday was perfection.

Today, it is early. {not 5 am early} I am dressed to walk 5 miles at an indoor location since it is already 84 degrees outside.

I need to MOVE because I have an anniversary hangover this morning.

Have a wonderful day. I wish you a day filled with best friends and exercise…..

Love you beyond anniversary cake.