The Win

Today is the day.

Today I extended my walk. I was awake at 3:30 am, ready to go, except I don’t exercise in the dark. Then I fell back to sleep and woke with a “start”…throwing on my shorts and a t shirt. Darn. I just did not want to start the day half asleep.

I decided to add length to my walk on this special day. {more about that later} Last year I was very ill. During recovery, I stared walking. I have always been a walker and it felt right. During the summer {2018} Larry and I signed up for a quarter marathon. It is part of a half marathon in Dallas. Sounds easy, right? Baaahahahaha. I wish I had known then what I know now.

A quarter marathon is 6.5 miles. Last year I came in last. Larry says it was not dead last, but I think that he is being kind. Many people lined the path cheering for me. I ran the last bit, but it was embarassing. This year I will do better.

The marathon is in September. I am ready!

Today while half asleep and exercising. I felt happy and thankful. I am healthy, my strength is getting better every day and Mr Heron waited for me at the lake.

Photo: Mr. Heron says hello this morning

I might have come in last at the marathon last year, but I did it. I finished. That whats it all about isn’t it?

Please be happy today. Life is about the moments. Not the win.

Love you beyond the lake.


PS: Kim, I have saved your special gifts for today. Thank you so much.

Photo: Special gifts from a special friend.


I watched yesterday speed by. My mind was on many things as the day was filled with school clothes shopping for Matilda, wondering how my cousin and good friend was {her Mother just passed away} and assorted other daily things.

I read an interesting fact yesterday…..”It takes nearly three decades to build a fully-developed, adult brain. With all that effort, what’s so special about the end result?”

Personally, I think that by the end of 30 years, we are pretty awesome people. Some of us make good decisions and some of us make bad ones, but we all have HEART and that is what matters, right?

Photo: sunrise while walking this morning.

I walked 4 miles five times this week. I am tired and feel anxious. My mind is geared up for next weeks miles, but my body isn’t. Just tired I guess.

Larry bought us tickets for a movie tomorrow. It is at the funky Angelika Film Center. I am looking forward to a date with my busy husband.

Breathe, reflect and enjoy this weekend. {and maybe plan a date with someone you love?}

Love you.


What Gives You Joy?

Yesterday was a great day. It started with a 4 mile walk and ended with…..well to be completly honest, it ended with Big Brother. I usually love that show, but this season is not very good. { i have been reading in the evenings. Current book: The Perfect Nanny}

Photo: The perfect Nanny. Written in French and translated. Creepy but interesting

This morning, Larry and I walked 4 miles at the lake. I did not want to go and said as much to Larry. He replied, and look how dedicated you are, walking anyway. {that is not what I wanted to hear. MEN}

I am glad I walked though. It was cool outside, almost chilly. The Great Heron posed for me. he watched us as we passed and posed till I got my shot, then off he flew.

Photo: The Great Blue Heron at the lake today 7/2019

Larry and I have been walking 4 miles each morning. Once a week we go to our storage unit and get rid of 10-20 things and around the house, fixing up the gazebo, taking down the rest of the deck and planning flower beds for next year.

Today while walking and talking, we were planning a trip to storage {do you know how people say if it does not give you joy, give it away?}…..well, after discussing yesterdays blog post,and purging at the storage unit, Larry got very quiet.

Then he said: Thats what I am doing with people.

I said: Excuse me?

Larry said: Thats what I am going to do with people. If they do not give me joy, I am getting rid of them.

Larry is so awesone. We have been together for over 42 years and I adore him more every day.

What gives you joy?

Love you.


The Text Message and The Gargolye

On Monday night, my phone pinged. A text message! But it started out with an insult and then continued to share the news of the recent passing of a beloved family member. {Larry and I had been informed a few days before of the death}

Has that ever happened to you? I even asked Larry if I was imagining the “slam.” He said: No, you are not imagining it and whispered under his breath…b****.

What is wrong with people. Do they feel so badly about themselves that they must insult others to beel better? I have not seen this person in 20 years and the last time was with her sitting in my living room with my sister, telling me what an awful daughter I was. {but they did not know why I was so awful. It was strange and quite comical}

The Internet is such an awesome place to help someone feel better about themselves isn’t it? Ok, I admit it. I am laughing.

One again….my mantra is: You insult me and I go away.

Photo: This is my tiny gargolye from paris. He is about 1″ tall.

They say that gargoyles frighten away evil. NOPE I am not going to say it, but we are all thinking it.

Love you.


Reuben Pinwheels~ Chef Valentine

I have been making lists of appitezers to try for Larry’s “boards.” This one has been screaming to be tried for months. It is a winner. Larry and I ate a lot of them and I put the left overs in the fridge. They are delish cold too.

These have the ability to be great for parties, picnics and a St Patricks Day celebration. Enjoy.

Photo: Reuben Pinwheels


1 sheet frozen puff pastry, Thawed

6 slices of Swiss cheese

5 slices of deli corned beef

1/2 cup sauerkraut, rinsed and well drained

1/4 cup thousand island dressing


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Unfold the puff pastry: layer with Swiss cheese, corned beef and sauerkraut to within 1/2″ of edges.

Photo: Rolling jelly roll style

Roll jelly roll style. Trim ends and cut crosswise into 16 slices. Place on greased baking sheet { I just used parchment paper} cut side down.

Photo: Ready to bake

Bake the rounds 18-20 minutes until golden brown. Serve with salad dressing.

Please enjoy. Till next time.


Robin In Real Life

Yesterday…. Matilda took us to see The Lion King for her birthday. Then we had lunch at The Blue Goose and she opened her gifts from Larry and myself. It was such a great morning. {Do I really have to wait one entire year to do it again?}

Larry and I had chores to do. To be completely honest, I do not like Sunday chores. I love church service, family and Sunday dinners. WOW that really makes me sound old. {I am laughing}

For Sunday dinner Larry made one of his famous boards. it was wonderful. I made him a new appetizer for the “board”….it was very good.

Photo: The Board

We watched the movie, Dan In Real Life. Then I had my weekly reflexology appointment and I slept very well last night. (which is unusual}

If you would like me to post the recipe for the pinwheels….please leave a comment below. It seems like not many people care if Chef posts recipes or not. {I have had special cook-books made for my daughters and I do not think they read my blog right now let alone look at the recipes} If there are enough people requesting recipe posts, I will add recipes on a more regular basis.

Photo: matilda at the archery range

Larry, the above picture is for you. Perhaps you will feel inspired to pick out your new bow now? {for fathers day, I gave Larry a bow, that he must pick out. So far no decision has been made.} Larry Happy Fathers Day! Please pick out your bow?

I wish you a perfect Monday. May your heart sing with the memories of loved ones.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Secrets and Fridays

What a week it has been. In retrospect, it was OK, but in the moment, not so much…… EXCEPT for that special dinner with Larry on Monday night.

Larry and I have a secret place that we escape to. It is a restaurant and the owners know us. We have our own booth and our food is always fabulous. It is “our” place and it has been for many years. We have never taken our kids there. We have never met friends or work people there. We try to escape every other month and when we do, we talk, laugh, listen to the music {live} and just be together. { I christened my new dress at dinner on Monday}

This past Monday when we escaped, we had not eaten all day. When we arrived at our booth, we started with the bread and ate like pigs the entire evening. I think escaping with Larry on Monday was my happiest time.

I had a message from Cousin Aggie. She requested seeing the dress I finished sewing….so Aggie, this next bit is for you.

Photo: Black Linen Dress

The dress is wonderful. {and looks better on than hanging on a hanger} I have had one of these dresses in my wardrobe for years. It is easy to wear and easy to make. The pattern is below. I made the middle view, but I sewed up the side slit.

Photo: One of my favorite patterns

I have made this dress for an event coming up, I will pair the dress with my Kate Spade necklace and fancy flip flops.

Photo: My Kate Spade necklace
Photo: Yellow Box Flip Flops

By no means am I a fashion blogger. I am tall, a breast cancer survivor {you know that means extreme bust adjustments} I am fussy about comfort and I am old. Knowing what I like is very easy these days.

Buying dresses off the rack is awkward for me. The choices are either to young or to old. So, often I sew my dresses.


It is finally Friday! It is my adorable granddaughters birthday and the sun is shinning. It is going to be a good day.

Love you.


Hummingbirds and Succulent Gardens

Last week, Matilda gave us a gift. It is very special. Larry and I have spent the week oohing and aahing over the special gift.

Photo: Painting by Matilda Miller {7 years old} 2019

The painting is titled “Hummingbird At The Beach”…. It is so amazing and I could not love it more even if it was a Matisse. The Hummingbird is my favorite part.

There is just something special about Matilda’s perspective.

Yesterday was warm. Our usual hot, oppressive,summer weather has not arrived yet. I am not complaining though.

A few weeks ago, I saw a planter at Kroger. I loved it. I hated it and left it on the rack of plants by the door. I must have passed that planter 4 more times before I grabbed it. It was tired and over watered. The foliage was broken and sad.

The funny planter has been hanging in the back garden for almost a week now. I am so in love with it.

Photo: The Succulent Planter

The planter is growing, blooming and seems happy. I have no idea why someone planted an Airplane Plant in the middle of a succulent garden, but so far all, everyone is happy.

The textures in this garden mesmerize me. I stand at the kitchen window and just look at it.

Photo: Close-up of the blooms
Photo: Close-up of the Rosary Plant

I love the Rosary plant so much. It has so much personality. I did not get a photo, but the planter has a plant in it known as A String Of Pearls. Larry has informed me that it is growing and the string is getting longer. I will have to get pictures soon.

I love pearls. Real ones and plant ones.

Have a happy, day!

Love you beyond the moon.


Bah Humbug?

I cannot believe that the holidays are so……what is the right word? Imminent? Well, Imminent might not be quite right but geeze. It is coming sooner than I thought.

There was a time when we hosted a party the Saturday before Christmas every year. We had a Christmas tree in every room and I adored the holiday. All things change over the years, don’t they?

Now, each year {November} while in France, one of us has an assignment. It is to get photos for the next years holiday greeting card. Last year It was my turn to get the photos and I am making this years cards, this week. Just wait! It is very different than last year… and I am enjoying the process much more than usual.

Photo: Holiday cards in the process of becoming a true greeting.

Larry is at meetings all day and I will get continue putting together the 2019 Holiday Cards. Yesterday I did all of the cutting. Today I glue. Tomorrow is place the photo… Ho Ho HO!

When they are assembled, and put away, I have a sense of calm. No matter what happens, the cards are ready to fill out! {I only assemble now. We write notes and mail them while we are on Holiday}

Oh yes, one more thing. I have my Halloween costume ready too!

To be honest, I do not know where all of this organizational passion is coming from but I am not going to complain.

Have a wonderful, fantastic Wednesday.

Love you way beyond that full moon.