Some Favorites From The New Camera

While in London, Larry and I enjoyed just being together. He had given me a new camera before this trip and it was fun using a new lens. I will post a few shots today….just because I adore so many of the photos.

Photo: Our room faced Hyde Park

Photo: We sat for a long time at the Round Pond. The swans were fabulous and people watching, the best.

Photo: Beauty personified.

Photo: We had lunch at Diana’s Playground. We sat at the cafe outside the gates.

Photo: Best lunch ever near Diana’s Playground

Photo: A friend told me about “The Daisy Books” Matilda loves them. We found a bookstore and bought her three of them.

Photo: This is the first, the original Paddington Bear. He lives at Paddington Station.

Photo: We took a short trip up the road.

Photo: Paddington statue watches the trains come and go.

Photo: We saw WICKED {again!!}

Photo: We had tea…..

Photo: Portobello Market was crazy. To many people to shop.

Photo: Diana’s Garden at Kensington Palace..
A woman came up to me crying. She asked if I would take her picture.
I said of course, and asked if she needed a hug.. She said no, but said, I once had what you have as she nodded to Larry.
Larry and I have talked about that woman often. She lost a love and was retracing footsteps.
I wish she had let me hug her.

Happy National Day of prayer….
“Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night.”~George Herbert~

Love You.