ART Will Absorb The Joy

Meditation Experience~ Day 17~Grace Is Perfect. Even When My Life isn’t. I know this so well, but why do I expect things to be perfect all the time? My days are filled with constant reminders that life is a joy, Tremendous things can happen, just from a smile, People are generous and kind and just noticing the beauty of the sky, can make the day so much better.


Photo: Starting a new………

I have finished the first Hawaiian dress and now for the second. No, this is not a typical Hawaiian dress, but it will be my version of one. A classic Batik fabric with a vintage {1972} pattern. It will be full length. I have not chosen a trim for it yet, but maybe I will not put a trim on it….

I have been walking 4 miles each day and I am tired. Just tired. The worst part is, I WANT to move and get things done, but I am just tired.

Larry is in Dallas. The morning is filled with meetings for him. He has a cold today or allergies and feels miserable. Larry never complains. When he does it is bad.

The windows are open and the birds are singing. I am going to cut out number 2 Hawaiian….I believe that when you are creating and your surrounds are inspirational, the project or ART will absorb the joy of your environment. Life.

Love you,