Sugar Moon

Meditation Experience~ Day 10~ Gratitude flows in a loving heart. I believe that Larry taught me to be kind and loving. With each different day, we practice kindness and patience. Partners need love and joy. Not anger and discord. Some days are difficult and if we cannot patiently deal with the issues…..gratitude vanishes. Larry, if you are reading this. merci. I love you.

Photo: 7 AM ~ sunrise and the new rose

Yesterday, on Larry’s lunch hour, we went to the garden center and bought a dogwood tree and a rose plant. The dogwood tree was planted in the Zen Garden and the new rose was planted in the entry, neat my sculpture “Pablo”.

The name of the rose is “SUGAR MOON” and I find that creative and……dare I say, sweet? The blooms are white with an undercoat of color that is pink. It is beautiful.

I have honestly not been interested in the garden since since I was sick. Larry, always loves being outside and being busy. This year I will make a better effort to be part of his outdoor experience.

Photo: Dogwood green Isn’t it a joyful color?

I have my sewing machine out, ready to sew, a little painting is finished….and a pile of things that must be delivered to the Salvation Army Donation Center are ready to go. {Larry is in Dallas at meetings this morning}….. It looks like a creative day.

I am thankful for these moments. The ones where I am focused and ready to smile through the day.

Have a wonderful day.

Love you.