Lauren’s Birth Joy. In Photos

Meditation Experience~ Day 9 My personal reality begins inside of me. My family disowned me 20 years ago, after Mothers death. When they did I walked away, not sharing with them how I felt about them except that I loved them. That is true, but they never knew, took into account or respected my personal reality. It is My responsibility to make my personal reality a priority.


About Lauren

Today’s is my daughter, Lauren’s birthday. She was born on a sunny. day in Memphis Tennessee. Her birth changed me forever and while experiencing that joy, I hemorrhaged after the birth and then I contracted an infection. {hospital germs} As I fought for my life, Mother took care of baby Lauren. I found my mother’s “Brag Book” after she died. Here are some of the photos celebrating Lauren’s birth as seen by my Mother. ( I LOVE these photos so much. They make me cry)

Photo: Mother {Gracie} and new born Lauren
Photo: Mother and Lauren. Lauren was born with all of that hair.

Mother took Lauren to her first Dr Appointment, gave her her first bath and she took very good care of me too. Mother put her life on hold, to care for my sweet family. Her spirit lives in my heart every day. Lauren adored her.

Photo: I could not hold Lauren but I could rest her on my legs for a short time…

Baby Lauren is much as she is as an adult. To know her is to love her.

Photo: Norman, my father holding Lauren for the first time.
Because I was sure that we were having a boy, this is one of the “boy” outfits I bought for her.
Photo: Mother and Lauren loved each other very much

Mother stayed with us about 5 or 6 weeks. She had day duty and Larry had night duty because he worked at the grocery store all day. Lauren was the best baby for the odd situation. She was a happy baby.

Photo: Lauren during her first snow storm. (9 months old) photo by Larry….Look at her bangs! I had to already cut her hair.

This is one of my favorite baby pictures of Lars and me.. It was taken at our little house in Memphis.

These photos are from my Mothers baby book of Lauren. I have kept them close for a very long time but it is time that I share them.

Last night I told Granddaughter Matilda, to check the blog today when she gets home from school. There will be photos that she has never seen before of her beautiful Mother.

Happy Birthday Dear Lauren. You have been quite the experience since the day you were born. Thank you for the joy and wonder you have brought to our lives and may this day be filled with the same joy and wonder as you celebrate your birthday.

Love you.