Sweet Memories

Photo: A shelf in the work room.

I have a head ache this morning. My desk is quiet. Projects are complete. Larry is in Dallas meeting with clients. I finished reading the book club, book. {The Southerners by Edna Lee} The garbage men are out front making a ruckus and the light on my phone is blinking like crazy.

I am day dreamy and sluggish. My attention span is zero. The book shelves by my desk have grabbed my attention. One shelf in particular. The photo is a dog, a dog angel and Eiffel Towers. This was my childhood dog. Lancelot was his name because Mother adored the play Camelot. He was adopted as a puppy in Raleigh North Carolina. {1963-64?} It was around Easter-time after church because I remember my younger sister getting dog poop on her good shoes the day we brought him home. He passed away the year that I married Larry. This is the last photo taken of him in 1977. I still miss his sweet character.

Yesterday Larry and I went to Matilda’s softball game . We went early and took a picnic. The 7-8 year old girls are so much fun to watch. They know the game and try so hard. The game ended in a tie. 11-11.

A few of you, have much going on in your lives. Forgive me for not writing you personal notes…but know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

It is Tuesday! I am saying bye for now and off to get some things done. {and maybe walk a few miles?}

Love you beyond all sweet memories.


Unicorns And Gargoyles

Photo: Dedo

Little Dedo is, according to an old story, is a small gargoyle with pointy ears and human-like feet who lives on the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral. When the cathedral was built in 1160, a nun from a tiny convent in Provence disliked the menacing gargoyles that were being placed on top of the building as reminders of the nature of sin and evil. As the daughter of a stone cutter, she had learned the tools of the trade and decided to put them to good use. One day, she disguised herself as a workman, gained entrance to the work site and quickly carved the sculpture from a small block before placing it on the highest roof. The gargoyle remained undiscovered for centuries until a small boy, lost in the labyrinthine roof, stumbled off a ledge and rolled down into the lap of the gargoyle. Since its rediscovery, the creature has been affectionately known as Little Dedo, the gargoyle with the crossed toes. In response, some parents keep a statue of this gargoyle around their house in the hope that it will protect their children.

.Larry and I were introduced to the story of Dedo about 12 years ago and bought a replica of the gargoyle {while in Paris} who sits in our fireplace. He has been part of our every day for a very long time.

This weekend, we went to Scarborough Fair, a Renaissance fair in central Texas It is always interesting at a Ren-Fest, and this year was no exception for we found a Dedo! {and brought him home!}

Photo: The Unicorn

We saw Unicorns and found Dedo! He was a long way from France and we brought him home for the Zen Garden. How can life get any better?

I wish you a day filled with Unicorns and Gargoyles.

Happy Monday.

Love you.


It’s All In The Lighting

Photo: The First Photo taken with the new camera

Larry Said: It is time that you have a new camera. The camera you are using, limits you and is sub-par. Then he said: Happy Early Birthday!

The pin cushion above was given to me years ago by Lauren. The lighting makes me smile…not to mention, the subject is perfection.

Merci beaucoup Larry Ray.

Love you.


The Gargoyles And Me

Photo: Gargoyle:
a grotesque carved human or animal face or figure projecting from the gutter of a building, Typically acting as a spout to carry water clear of a wall.

For many years in Paris, the shops along the Seine and near the Cathedral of Notre Dame, sold these tiny gargoyles. My collection is small and has been hidden away for a long time.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame is known for their many Gargoyles. How amazing is it that I have a collection? They each have such personality.

Photo: Lauren and Larry in Cathedral Of Norte Dame~ 2006

Because of the fire in Paris this week, I have been sorting out many of my photos. The photo above is one of a very few Lauren/Larry shot during the holiday. I need to be taking better shots and sharing them better. This shot is in a FLICKR album. You can scroll the shots below, or click the photo itself to go to my FlickR album.

By The Lake
Flickr album: Paris 2006

I hope that you have a lovely, lovely Easter weekend……I am off to sort more photos!

Love you.


Much Virtue

I woke last night when storms hit Dallas. I watched Night Line, a long commercial, World News Tonight and some time near 4:30 am, I fell asleep.

Listening to storms is not wonderful. It just wears a body out.

The good news is, The herbs that I planted last week are safe and sound.

Photo: After the storm The empty containers have poppy seedlings in them.

Last night before going to bed, I tucked all of the newly planted herbs under shelves in the garden. The weatherman kept saying that we would be getting huge hail during the storms. I did not want the new plants hurt.

Photo: The dill plant
Photo; Spicy oregano
Photo: English Thyme

All of the plants made it through the storms just fine. Just imagine all the goodies I will cook this summer using the beautiful herbs. Fresh herbs are one of my favorite things in the entire world.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Much virtue in herbs. Little in men.”

Today Is Maundy Thursday. Tonight Larry and I will be at church for a special service.

Love one another. May your heart be filled with the joy of love and forgiveness.

Love you.


P.S. From Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday was quiet. I hope that your day was ok too. During the day, I remembered a photo or two that had special meaning……that I had forgotten to post yesterday……..here you go……

Photo:by Robin: One November, some years ago,, Jamison showed up in Paris. She was on leave from the Air Force.
On the last day of her being in France,, while leaving church, it started to snow. Jamison. and Larry.

Photo by Robin: I took this on a Friday afternoon.. We had crossed the river to listen to jazz musicians.
. I looked back at the Cathedral and the view took my breath away.. It is one of my favorite photos.

The weather here is frightful. Storms are expected this afternoon, with possibility of threatening situations. If you are in the danger zone, be safe….

Love you.


The Cathedral Of Notre Dame~Remembered

Yesterday the unthinkable happened. The Cathedral Of Notre Dame caught fire and burned extensively.. I got phone calls from old, dear friends, text messages, emails from wonderful people who wanted me to know what was happening. They also shared their hearts and thoughts about the fire.

I loved that part most of all. Kind, sweet thoughts about a place far away. Some of the messages were from people who had never been to the Cathedral. Each and every connection was simply perfect.

Larry and I have the privilege to pray at the Cathedral Of Notre Dame each year. Twenty three years now…..we have many names on our prayer list and we light candles for loved ones and others who need prayer. I cry during the prayers and while lighting the candles of hope. The moments are emotional and filled with faith. Yesterday, I cried, but for a different reason.

Larry and I went through old photos last night. I took photos of the photos, straight from the album.

Photo:: 2018 Going to Cooking class….we passed this way.
Photo: The post cards of the Cathedral change over the years. Larry loves them all.
Photo: 2001 Paris. When we saw this shot, we laughed, asking where it had been taken….
it was at Notre Dame Cathedral. The photo was on film and had double exposure.. We were sitting for prayers.
The chairs behind us are for congregation.
Photo:Lauren and Jami with the Cathedral behind them 2001-2002
Photo: This where we have prayed almost each year for many years.
This is where we light the candles too.
Photo: Me, 2018. Our prayer list was long….the candles were filled with hope.
Photo: Another vintage post card
Photo:: This is he Cross that remains now, after the fire, This is how the alter looked before the fire.

Larry and I have dozens of other photos of the church. These were the most meaningful for me. I loved seeing old moments captured.

I will be starting the prayer list early this year. Please feel free to email me your name or the name of someone whom you are concerned for…..

Today is a brand new day. Please enjoy each moment, as you never know tomorrow might hold.

Love you.


Sunday Dinner and….

Yesterday, Palm Sunday, started with church. It was a lovely Palm Sunday service and our interim minister was very animated and kind. {we are between ministers at the moment}

It was a beautiful day yesterday. After all of the rain on Saturday, it was a relief.

Larry and I had a few errands to do, then came home to pack a picnic. We had tickets to see Pink Martini and decided to go into town early and have picnic before the concert.

It was a beautiful evening too, I made ham and Swiss sandwiches on marble rye bread and deviled eggs. The Planters cheese balls were a last minute decision and they were so good! {They were a treat!} For dessert we had donut holes…the city moved in slow motion around us as we chatted.

Photo::Sunday Picnic Dinner In downtown Dallas

Photo: We were at Strauss Square.
Photo: The famous…Thomas Lauderdale

The concert was outside and we had tickets on the first row. It was great seeing my favorites so very close.

Photo: China Forbes

It was a perfect evening. How can I ever thank Larry for always making my moments so special? Sometimes my life feels like the best dream I have ever had.

The evening went to fast, the concert went to fast, my life is going to fast. Lets slow things down a bit…..

Love you.