Tuesdays, Ships and Dreams

Yesterday was Tuesday, the last day of winter. Our back patio door was open and the sounds of the neighborhood distracted me constantly.

I heard the definite click of the mailbox and hurried out to get the mail before dressing for dinner.

As I walked to the mailbox, I looked over at our neighbor, Lew’s house. You must remember me talking about Lew, he had a birthday a few weeks ago. What I did not tell you is, Lew is a shipbuilder or a shipwright. He worked building big ships before he retired and now….he builds them in his garage.

Photo: Our neighbor is a shipwright

I ran back in the house for the camera and took this photo, hoping that Lew or his daughter Debbie did not see me and think I was stalking them. I wanted to go over and touch the sail….better yet, look at the beautiful colors on the ship.( boat?) I was in awe. How amazing is it to see something like this in a small Texas neighborhood?

I found this quote and it made me think of Lew…

“Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.”

~Robert N. Rose~

Happy First Day of Spring.

Love you.