St Patrick’s Day Weekend

Photo: We Dashed Down Greenville! A traditional 5K

It was a good weekend. Larry had a busy week last week and did not even mention WORK over the weekend. It was kind of awesome.

We dashed down Greenville on Saturday, we grocery shopped, we exercised. On Sunday we went to church. After church we went to McKinney Trade days and walked….a lot!

Photo: Trade Day Sign. {I love this}
Photo: A Favorite drink

We found a fun tablecloth for Sunday Dinner and Movie….$17.00. But, to be honest,there were dog breeders there. English Bulldogs, 2 Boston Terriers and other breeds I was not interested in. I will never own another dog, but if I ever happened to, it would be a rescue.

Larry stayed far from the dogs. He would not get near the cages. I did. I wanted to be near a puppy heart beating. That is what I miss about My Libby Girl. Feeling her little heart beat under her pug skin…..the puppies made Larry a bit sad. So we went to the antiquing side of the “Trade Days”.

When came home where I made Sunday dinner. The movie we wanted to watch was not available, so we watched …are you ready?

Photo: Our St Patrick’s Sunday Movie
Photo: I made sausage and mushroom pizza
Photo: Chocolate cake for dessert

It was a good weekend and a beautiful Monday. Larry hopes to conclude a big business deal today and if all goes well, we will see Matilda play softball at 6:00! Fingers crossed and spit into the wind……

Love you.