Each And Every One Of Us

It is Friday morning. The birds are singing and the sun is out. Larry is back in his home-office, slaving away. (He has 2 huge conference calls today) I am sitting at my work table, rather distracted.

I am not on Facebook much. I reopened my account so I could post a link here and there. My “feed” is almost never looked at and I miss a lot of great comments by good friends.

Last week, I kept getting notified that someone had left me a Facebook message. I logged on to look, I also looked through my “feed”…..and saw that someone whom I absolutely ADORE. Posted a video (animated) of an abortion. It was really awful. Awful. This person posts many political things. Not nice political things (in my opinion) but I just ignore them. We all have the right to our opinion. Each and every one of us has the right to feel a certain way. Even me. But at a weak moment, I commented on the persons abortion video. I said I wish you had not posted this. It is not appropriate. ( I was so sad that this amazing person was posting such graphic, violent content) It was MY opinion. I was wrong to say it out loud and I am sorry. Well, I did not expect what happened next. I was berated and bullied from many of her contacts. I guess I do not have the right to my opinion after all. Is an abortion video on FB appropriate and I did not know it?

When has tolerance been at such a low? Why do we judge and hate? Granted, if you treat me badly I will go far away but if you worship differently or belong to a different political party, it will never effect our relationship. Social media has given a voice to the voiceless and they want to convert us all.

I cannot control anyone but myself. I respect your opinion even if it is different than mine….Just because a person says something on Facebook, does NOT MAKE IT SO.

So….how is your day going? Share any opinions lately?

Love you.