The Unfortunate Incident At Book Club

This week, Larry and I were in Las Vegas. The International Pizza Expo was in full swing and we hosted a dinner for clients of Larry’s. We flew home early yesterday morning. Larry had to work. I had my bi-monthly Book Club. {Larry dropped me off at the restaurant for book club on the way home from the airport}

This is one of the two book groups I belong to. The ladies are smart, lovely, kind and they choose the best books ever.

The book we were discussing this month was Ten Years Gone. We met for lunch at Cindis Deli. I had not eaten since dinner the night before in Vegas. The food at the deli is wonderful….

I ordered Eggs Benedict and scarfed them down while I visited with ladies, hearing all the news since I had seen them last.

After lunch, we started the discussion of our book. Sandy had chosen the book and she lead the discussion. I started feeling sick…..

I excused myself and went to the rest rooms….and the ladies room was locked. The mens room was locked too. I was sick and desperate. I stood outside the locked doors when it happened. Yup. I got very sick. All over the place. I ran out of the restaurant, glad that I had already paid for the eggs that I was losing at that very moment.

I found Larry and then a towel in the trunk of the car. He went in to get my book and phone from the table in the restaurant. It felt like forever. He came back to the car and while we sped home, my gag reflex on HIGH, he told me that he found the table with the ladies just fine. He told them what happened. {I am very mortified. Did the restaurant clean up the hall?}

Larry said: When he was leaving he heard one of the ladies say, I had not even noticed that she had not returned…..

I think it really hurt my feelings because I was so sick. Our next meeting is in May. I get to pick the book and restaurant.

There are black circles under my eyes. I am tired and my tummy hurts a little, but I have not gotten sick today. Things are looking up, but I don’t know what to do with this feeling of mortification…..

Love you.