Rhinestones and Gingham.

Photo: Rhinestones and Gingham

Moments sparkled in the sun. Love makes everything OK. Joy, because he is with me. My friends make fun of us. I don’t care. He wraps his arms around me. Then I am fine. Our love twinkles and is grossly plain at the same time. Like rhinestones and gingham.

Rachmaninoff is one our favorites. Enjoy.

*Today is my 42nd Valentines day with Larry. My Larry. I hate that the days are speeding by at this God-awful rate. Love gathers around us and comforts us. Love. The magic elixir that makes everything OK. Be kind to each other. Be filled with love…Me.

The Spice Of Life

Photo: Spice of Life project for Komen Race For A Cure

I adore Williams Sonoma. It is an inspirational shopping mecca that is my “happy place”……

It is because of my love for Williams Sonoma dish towels, that I buy and embroider, that this years give away will be a hand embroidered dish towel {in progress above} and a $100.00 gift card for Williams Sonoma. {Larry is generously donating the gift card. Thank you Larry}

For each $25.00 donated to my Komen page, your name will go into the bowl. Your first name, last initial and how many tickets you have earned, will be listed on the Team Believe page. {above on the menu}

The drawing will be held on Saturday May 11, 2019. You may make donations anytime between now and then. Please use your name on the Komen page, that way I can have a record of your donation and accurately manage your tickets . Thank you so much!

The Komen North Texas {Dallas} race will be held on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 at The Star in Frisco Texas. The link to my Komen page is below and it is also on the Team Believe page.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart….

Love you.


Sunday With Jamison and Southwest Airlines

Photo: On Sunday We went to Southwest to see our daughter Jamison

On Sunday, Larry and I had a delightful adventure. We got in the car, Valentine gifts in hand and drove into Dallas. Love Field to be exact. The day was gloomy and rainy. We had special security clearance and found our way to a lobby where Jami waited for us. She hugged us like crazy. I was happy to be there too.

Photo: Jamison and Larry in front of a simulator {where pilots train} This
specific one is in honor of Herb Kelleher the founder of Southwest Airlines and who recently passed.

There are no words to describe the atmosphere in the building. The hall ways are sunny and bright. Jami’s co-workers are amazing. They welcomed us like we were old friends. Just standing in the offices made me happy. How does a company manage that? Gathering people with such positive attitudes not to mention an environment of Positive reinforcement and joy.

Photo: BIG!!!

Larry had the best day….he smiled a lot. I personally think that it is because he got to…..

Photo: Larry in a simulator

We were in the simulator room. It is huge, quiet, spotless and almost overwhelming for me. The simple fact that the brilliant pilots who we trust every day, train in this magnificent space made me want to whisper. This is how a simulator looks from the outside…

Photo: Flight simulator from the outside

Jami was a wonderful tour guide….and then one of the flight instructors called to her. He allowed us to sit inside of a simulator.

Photo; Larry in flight simulator

I sat in the co-pilot seat but did not get a photo. I was in awe. The entire surface was covered with buttons and screens. Awe.

Photo: The simulator runway

During our time at Southwest, everyone we passed greeted us, smiling and making sure we were having a good time. {we were}

Photo: We saw Jamison’s name on the wall. {The bridge wall}

Photo: Larry and me

Our time went much to fast. It was a good visit and tour. We met the most amazing people and sat in a simulator, but to be honest…my favorite part was that huge hug from Jamison.

Love you.


Sunday Dinner and Movie In Photos

Photo: I found a lovely 2010 St Emilion to have with dinner.
The cork broke during decanting.Hello decanter.
Photo: Standing Rib Roast and mashed potato casserole. I made the roast, Larry made the potato casserole.
Photo: Wine and rolls. I picked out the wine. Larry craves Hawaiian rolls.
Photo: Dinner and movie. A Valentine celebration. Larry proposed 42 years ago, on Valentines Day.
Photo: Chocolate roll cake with whipped cream and strawberries. A new recipe. It was amazing.

Photo: Movie An Affair To Remember

Love you.


The Hawaiian Schefflera

Photo: Bonsai Hawaiian Schefflera

Yesterday, was gloomy. The effects of a Dr visit on Tuesday was hitting reality {everything is ok} and I dragged Larry {at his lunch hour} to the mall where we both walked 4 miles.

To continue my lazy day, we came home and I worked on a sweater as Larry finished a big project that he is working on. Then….he had a meeting to go to and I tagged along, opting to go to shopping center with my Kindle while he made contact with the regional guys from an international restaurant chain.

I sat in a food court and read the next book for Book Club. {Ten Years Gone By Jonathan Dunsky} I must admit that the smoothies and pretzels were a bit distracting but I fell deep into my book, holding out for the dinner that Larry promised me.

So I read, met up with Larry, went to Gloria’s {Latin Cuisine} for dinner and visited. We talked so much you would have thought that we had been apart a few days instead of hours.

Today’s photo, of the schefflera, Well it is there because I watered my Hawaiian Schefflera today. Small errands getting done are ok too, right?

I must finish my shopping list. It is Friday after all….

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love you.



Darn, darn, darn! My lap top has gone crazy. Yesterday something got in the belly of the control and pop ups are spewing everywhere. I will try to find the problem later…after I walk.

It is thirty nine degrees outside and wet. I am going to Willow Bend Mall. If I walk 5 laps downstairs and 4 on the upper level…I can get almost 4 miles in.

I am thankful that I have a laptop….even if it is crazy.

Love you.


Dear Duchess Of Sussex

“Come along inside….we’ll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place.”

Over the past few days, I have been looking for a picture of Norman {my father} and myself. I cannot find one. NOT ONE, There was a photo of him and me as he walked me down the aisle to marry Larry. I do not know where it is.

This morning, as I listened to the news, I heard a broadcast about Duchess of Sussex, Meghan. {I like her so much} At the time, I felt awful for her in a strange way. It was almost like I knew what she might be feeling. Bingo! Take away everything but the father/daughter relationship and there it is. Norman and me.

Families have strange, intimate problems that are unique. How on earth can anyone judge the relationships of others?

So many people tried to tell me how to feel/act/handle the situation with Norman after he disinherited/disowned me. Why did they care? My relationship with my father had nothing to do with them did it?

Over the years, the opportunities were few, but I had the chance to tell Norman that I loved him before he died. {he never said anything back to me}. He died suddenly, six months later at a wedding that he was attending.

Saying I love you was the last thing I ever said to Norman. I loved him so much and I am glad that is the last thing I said, but he never met me half way to make things right. It could have been so different. BUT that is OK. We all must do what is best for us.

Dear Duchess Of Sussex,

How lovely it is that you are in a position to share your life with the public. It must be difficult for you at times, but for the rest of us, who have similar “father” problems, it is a breath of fresh air. It reminds us that relationship problems do not discriminate.

I have followed my heart during the awful times and now, knowing that he is gone, there is nothing to do except make sure my family stays whole and happy. Larry and I wish you the same blessings.

On behalf of all the disowned girls and women who struggle with a relationship with their father, thank you.

I am Robin Toujours, Love you. Me

Thank You Gladys Knight

It was a busy, kind of OK weekend for us. Even the Super Bowl was a dud. The Super Bowl was a bore, but in all of the chatter about it today, I did not hear one word about Gladys Knight.

Awesome, wonderful, Gladys Knight and the National Anthem. She looked beautiful, she sang like she was 20 years old and presented a class act in a difficult atmosphere. The U.S. Air Force Fly Over made me cry. These were my favorite moments of the Super Bowl.


Today is World Cancer Day. I wanted to share, as we have all been touched by the disease in a profound way.

This weekend, Larry and I picked up the new Team Believe Shirts. They are perfect. Soon, I will post the information where to buy one if you are interested. The information will be on the “Team Believe” page. {the link is on the menu above}

Photo: Team Believe Shirt: Front
Photo: Team Believe Shirt: Back

I have heard from a few of you, asking about the Komen Walk, {May 18th, 2019} The tee shirts and the raffle. Thank you so much for being interested. I will keep you posted about all of these subjects on the Team Believe Page. How blessed am I to have so many special people in my life?

So, on this Monday morning, I would like to say thank you. Your energy keeps me moving, your faith is my blessing and your kindness in the face of hate and anger, inspires me to be a better person.

Love you.


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