It Feels Special

I was told once that you can tell a woman’s favorite clothes designer by how she wears her everyday clothes. True?

One of my favorite designers was as tall as I am, loved cats, had a pony tail {like My Larry} and was a prolific clothes designer. He lived on rue de Universite, Paris {where our good friend Felix lives!} and started designing clothes in the late 1950’s. He often lied about his age, loved Paris and had an unusual artist wit.

M. Karl Lagerfeld Died this week at the American Hospital in Paris. He was “thought” to be 85 years old.

Photo: M. Lagerfeld and friends. One of my favorite shots.

Photo: One of my favorite dresses.

I have a wonderful Lagerfeld dress. Larry saw it and insisted I try it on. Then he insisted on buying it for me. I treasure everything about this dress. Larry picking it out for me. Trying it on, having it fitted….and then wearing it. It FEELS special. Do you know how some people make you feel wonderful? Special? That is how this dress makes me feel.

I like the “old” designers best of all. Classic lines and deep colors. Perfection.

Rest well Karl. {and thank you}

Love you.