The Weekend

HI! Happy Monday. It is a holiday today. {Presidents Day} I knew it was a holiday, with no mail service, but I still wrote a letter. {it was really a thank you note} I try to write a letter every day now, even though my handwriting still is crappy.

The weekend was was a little busy. On Saturday we saw the second to last Oscar nominated movie. A Star is Born. Saturday night we went to a restaurant opening party, Sunday was church, Josh Millers birthday lunch at Hibachi Grill. After lunch, we drove to the Outlet Mall, where we walked 3 miles, no shopping allowed and then came home, cuddled in bed while we watched the last Oscar nominated movie. Bohemian Rhapsody. Larry and I are ready for our own Oscar party next Sunday.

Today, I started reading The Book Of Joy. Lauren gave me this book for Christmas not knowing that it was on my “wish List.”

The yearly give away for Komen is organized and published. {for information go to Team Believe at the top of this page}

Photo: Monday Reading
Photo: Our good friend Antonio opened a new restaurant. The opening party was wonderful.
Photo: The pies at Antonio’s restaurant

So there is the re-cap of our weekend. It was busy, but calm…and to be honest, it is always good to end anything with pie…right?

Have a happy, wonderful day.

Love you.