Thank You Gladys Knight

It was a busy, kind of OK weekend for us. Even the Super Bowl was a dud. The Super Bowl was a bore, but in all of the chatter about it today, I did not hear one word about Gladys Knight.

Awesome, wonderful, Gladys Knight and the National Anthem. She looked beautiful, she sang like she was 20 years old and presented a class act in a difficult atmosphere. The U.S. Air Force Fly Over made me cry. These were my favorite moments of the Super Bowl.


Today is World Cancer Day. I wanted to share, as we have all been touched by the disease in a profound way.

This weekend, Larry and I picked up the new Team Believe Shirts. They are perfect. Soon, I will post the information where to buy one if you are interested. The information will be on the “Team Believe” page. {the link is on the menu above}

Photo: Team Believe Shirt: Front
Photo: Team Believe Shirt: Back

I have heard from a few of you, asking about the Komen Walk, {May 18th, 2019} The tee shirts and the raffle. Thank you so much for being interested. I will keep you posted about all of these subjects on the Team Believe Page. How blessed am I to have so many special people in my life?

So, on this Monday morning, I would like to say thank you. Your energy keeps me moving, your faith is my blessing and your kindness in the face of hate and anger, inspires me to be a better person.

Love you.