Late Night~Early Morning

Last evening we had dinner with clients of Larry’s. The restaurant was busy, the food good, wine great and the conversation best of all. I love when that happens.

Going to bed late is OK but getting up the next morning sucks. {excuse my French} I am dressed and ready for Friday Tai Chi…

Photo: Trying to get energy for Tai Chi class

Have the best weekend….

Love you.


The Late Gift

Photo: Christmas gift from Matilda

Sweet Matilda called me one evening. She said that she had forgotten to give me a Christmas gift that she bought for me. It was fine, but she insisted that she get it to me, soon.

The next time I saw her, she had a beautiful gift bag for me. Inside were two ornaments, both birds and a stunning bar of soap. The soap came in an envelope of its own. She was smiling and watching me open the gifts. When Matilda is so thoughtful, I become sentimental. {I adore her}

I am a woman who uses a simple bar of DOVE soap. This new bar of soap thrills me, frightens me and inspires me ARTistically.

I knew that I wanted to share this on Blog and in my research I found this quote. After reading it I understood the “soap” attraction.

“Soap, water and common sense are the best disinfectants.”

~William Osler~

Photo: The bar of soap

Maybe next year, I will give bars of soap for Christmas. This is a wonderful gift. Thank you Matilda.

Love you.


Merci La Cuisine Paris

While in France, we are usually busy with family and friends. This year, our trip was spiced with very personal meaningful moments.

One of the things we did was take a cooking class. I have followed a Parisian Cooking School for many years on Instagram. I registered us months before class as they fill up very fast.

This year we took an hors d’oeuvre class. It was wonderful. The experience was only positive and welcoming.

We went to La Cuisine Paris.

Photo: my favorite cooking school in Paris

I shall just post the link to La Cusine Paris here~

Photo: ME! At a Paris cooking class.
Photo: the goodies we made in class

Many people ask us about things to do while in Paris. This one is top of our list, even though it took us so long to sign up. The owner and staff of La Cuisine de Paris are amazing. English is spoken as is French. The classes are as simple or complicated as you wish to experience. I took so many photos, I learned so many wonderful techniques and we met the sweetest people. {Taking the class and working there}

My Larry is already talking about next years class that we will take. You know that LARRY DOES NOT COOK, right? Well he does now and now he feels comfortable with me in the kitchen.

Merci beaucoup La Cuisine De Paris. The experience was beyond expectation.

Love you.


Sunday, Dinner and Movie

Yesterday Larry and I had a lovely day. The skies were gray and life was at status quo level.

We went to church, did a few errands and we had…Sunday Dinner and Movie. I prepared a new recipe and we enjoyed a spectacular Spanish wine.

I made crab stuffed portobello mushrooms, salad and country french bread.

Photo: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with crab filling, salad and Spanish wine

Our Movie was Fanny’s Journey. I watched this movie last November, on the day before we left for Paris. If you watch Fanny’s Journey, please give it time. It is subtitled and starts out a bit slow, but the “set-up” is very important. After the movie, I asked Larry what he thought. He said: Everyone should see this movie.

Photo: Sunday Movie January 13, 2019

The wine we had with dinner was a Christmas gift. Kathy, thank you so much. It was the perfect wine with our dinner and we toasted you and your family. Larry and I love that you are part of “our” family.

Photo: Sunday dinner and movie.
Photo:Just a photo of Sunday dinner. Somethings are indescribably wonderful.

Yesterday was filled with pleasant love. You know the kind…..

Love you.


To Be The Smile

Yesterday was all over the place. I was happy, worried, anxious and content. What is it about January that hits us in the gut every year? Or is it only me?

I did not want to cook dinner so Larry and I ate McAlisters sandwiches. My lazy ways are continuing. What can I do? Do I need inspiration or a kick in the jeans?

This morning has started out OK. Larry is in Duncanville, TX for a meeting. I am dressed and ready for my Friday-Tai Chi class. It is OUR class, except when Larry has an early Friday meeting or conference call. Then I go alone.

I love getting up early and going to a class. It is the perfect start to a day. Tai Chi is very interesting and I have a lot to learn. The class {the students} I am in, have been together for a long time. They do a warm up, choreographed routine, a sword exercise and a fan routine. I love the fan routine but will be happy if I can learn the choreographed routine.

I want to master positive energy. To be the smile in a sea of frowns.

The Academy Of Arts And Sciences have not called me about the gig yet. They need to know, I am cheap at twice the price. Go on, smile. Happy Friday!

Love you beyond the moon.


Dear Oscar Academy

I am tired. Tired of hearing about Kevin Hart and the “Oscar Apology”. I have my own thoughts about apologies and how to approach subjects when a person has hurt another. Over the past 25 years, I have been witness to inflicted hurt and denial. But, with that said, that is in the past and there is nothing anyone can do about the yesterdays in our life.

Moving on, the best way possible is what a hurt heart needs. A smile and true actions. Sometimes it is difficult. An estranged cousin recently called and demanded a phone number for a family member. I just did not respond. Sometimes I wonder what arrogance lives in the hearts of people when their actions are appalling.

Back to important thoughts….Dear Oscar Academy. You need a host or two on February 24, 2019. My Larry and I are not busy. I have a few skeletons in the closet as I refuse to apologize for anything I have not done. My life is blemished but happy. Each day is a joy and as I get older, I realize that life is entirely to short to waste a single moment being insulted, hurt, or disrespected. Learning to just walk away was my greatest lesson.

Photo: Robin & Larry Paris, France 2018

No one is blemish free. But….we all have the ability to move on and make the future joyful and kind.

Dear Academy, have “your” people call “our” people…

Love you,


The Organic Kind

The days have been cloudy with migraine headaches. I am not sure if I had the flu or just a series of headaches that caused flu like symptoms. Either way I was miserable, throwing up and in bed.

Today is a much better day. I have worked on a recipe and organized a pattern that I will make into a top.

The recipe is mine, but is based on a French treat we had while on Holiday this year.
{Larry could not get enough of the treat so I promised myself that I would recreate it here, and surprise him}

The sun is out and the day is cool. it was a perfect day to play in the kitchen. Using ecrous, and spices, I made a double batch of a roasted, healthy treat….

Photo: Roasted Cashews

Larry is in Dallas working. I cannot wait for him to come home and try the ecrous! {the nuts!}

I found the pattern below on Etsy. It is my “go to” place for vintage patterns. It is exactly what I had in mind for jeans, but will test it out with the fun {dog} flannel fabric. I do not often wear fabric with “things” on it. This will be interesting.

Photo: Pattern and fun fabric

The aroma of roasted nuts is driving me crazy. I guess I should try one. Or two.

I wish you a happy day, filled with lots of nuts. The organic kind.

Love you.


I’d Rather

I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day;

I’d rather one should walk with me than merely tell the way. 
~Edgar A. Guest~ 

My mother often spoke of how her father liked Edgar Guest. Perhaps that is why I enjoy reading his poetry so much.

Mother died in 1995. I grieved for her for a very long time. She was never close, because I could not feel her near.

Until lately.

Memories have flooded back and sometimes she is as near as that quiet space in front of me. Larry said, she is near now because…..She is proud of me? I need her now? So many wonderful things are happening? I guess the answer is all of the above.

Love you beyond the moon.


Monday Rambling

Thank you for the notes. It is true that I am no longer on Facebook. There are no plans to return, so this is as good as it gets.

You can find me here at the blog, on Instagram. {but you must request to connect} or my email is

Please contact me whenever you wish.


Life is good. My weekend was perfection. I exercised, found an old friend and had dinner at her restaurant on Saturday, went to the brocant in Canton Texas and enjoyed being with Larry.

The Sunday movie was an oldie but goodie,

You can laugh, but Larry and I snuggled up together and watched….it was sweet.

Today I will try to finish the Christmas Thank You notes. Forgive my tardiness. It has been super busy around here and the “after Christmas” blues have set in. {like gangbusters}

To my dear friends: Thank you for the support you have given me this past year. You make me feel spoiled and special. Life is wonderful with good friends. XOX

Love you.