Tuesday At The Cottage

Photo: Matilda gave me this sweet tree It make me feel wintry.

It is cold outside and I am so late posting Blog today. It is because I watched the Academy Awards Nominations in bed. Each year {you might already know this} Larry and I see each nominated movie and on Oscar night, we have dinner and the red carpet/ awards. The process is fun and we see movies that ordinarily we might not go to see.


Photo: One of my Christmas gifts is a Pug Dog quilt pattern

For Christmas, I received a quilt pattern and fabric. It is for a quilting technique known as paper-piecing. I was given loads of fabric to make a quilt. Yesterday I took the pattern to Office Depot and had it enlarged. Excitement is building! I cannot wait to start this new project. Stay tuned?


Photo: Left over blueberry bars

Last year I became very sick. It was then I took myself off all meds and started feeling better. I am still exercising, I am organic, except for the random Excedrin Migraine for the random headache I get. But in all of this “getting healthy,” there is a casualty. I love to cook, but when I do, there are always left overs and then throw-aways. Larry goes out of town and leaves me with things like this. The neighbors are getting sick of me bringing food over, so I throw it away. It really upsets me to waste things, especially when people are hungry.

Larry is in San Antonio. Attending a convention for one of his clients. I was invited but chose to stick around the house and throw food away.

What are YOU doing today? Go on, smile…..

Love you.