To Be The Smile

Yesterday was all over the place. I was happy, worried, anxious and content. What is it about January that hits us in the gut every year? Or is it only me?

I did not want to cook dinner so Larry and I ate McAlisters sandwiches. My lazy ways are continuing. What can I do? Do I need inspiration or a kick in the jeans?

This morning has started out OK. Larry is in Duncanville, TX for a meeting. I am dressed and ready for my Friday-Tai Chi class. It is OUR class, except when Larry has an early Friday meeting or conference call. Then I go alone.

I love getting up early and going to a class. It is the perfect start to a day. Tai Chi is very interesting and I have a lot to learn. The class {the students} I am in, have been together for a long time. They do a warm up, choreographed routine, a sword exercise and a fan routine. I love the fan routine but will be happy if I can learn the choreographed routine.

I want to master positive energy. To be the smile in a sea of frowns.

The Academy Of Arts And Sciences have not called me about the gig yet. They need to know, I am cheap at twice the price. Go on, smile. Happy Friday!

Love you beyond the moon.