The Organic Kind

The days have been cloudy with migraine headaches. I am not sure if I had the flu or just a series of headaches that caused flu like symptoms. Either way I was miserable, throwing up and in bed.

Today is a much better day. I have worked on a recipe and organized a pattern that I will make into a top.

The recipe is mine, but is based on a French treat we had while on Holiday this year.
{Larry could not get enough of the treat so I promised myself that I would recreate it here, and surprise him}

The sun is out and the day is cool. it was a perfect day to play in the kitchen. Using ecrous, and spices, I made a double batch of a roasted, healthy treat….

Photo: Roasted Cashews

Larry is in Dallas working. I cannot wait for him to come home and try the ecrous! {the nuts!}

I found the pattern below on Etsy. It is my “go to” place for vintage patterns. It is exactly what I had in mind for jeans, but will test it out with the fun {dog} flannel fabric. I do not often wear fabric with “things” on it. This will be interesting.

Photo: Pattern and fun fabric

The aroma of roasted nuts is driving me crazy. I guess I should try one. Or two.

I wish you a happy day, filled with lots of nuts. The organic kind.

Love you.