Monday Rambling

Thank you for the notes. It is true that I am no longer on Facebook. There are no plans to return, so this is as good as it gets.

You can find me here at the blog, on Instagram. {but you must request to connect} or my email is

Please contact me whenever you wish.


Life is good. My weekend was perfection. I exercised, found an old friend and had dinner at her restaurant on Saturday, went to the brocant in Canton Texas and enjoyed being with Larry.

The Sunday movie was an oldie but goodie,

You can laugh, but Larry and I snuggled up together and watched….it was sweet.

Today I will try to finish the Christmas Thank You notes. Forgive my tardiness. It has been super busy around here and the “after Christmas” blues have set in. {like gangbusters}

To my dear friends: Thank you for the support you have given me this past year. You make me feel spoiled and special. Life is wonderful with good friends. XOX

Love you.