Beyond The Horizon

Yesterday was difficult. My “funk” lasted all day long and in the late afternoon, I put on a long flannel lounge nightie and read till I made dinner.

The book I am reading is not a happy book, but it let me escape to another place and time.

Now, lets talk about the dinner I cooked…

I have never liked Pasta. I put up with it to be polite. At dinner parties, etc…I eat it as not to be insulting. The rubbery consistency made me want to gag.

In France this year, I had the most wounderous mac and cheese. It inspired me to try a recipe or two to see if I could remake the amazing goodness here at The Cottage. I have been hanging over recipes for a few weeks…and found one that looked good.

Last night I tried the recipe. I am so thrilled with it that I am ready to start re-inventing it to make it my own.

Photo: THE mac & cheese

Larry and I ate half of this helping. Is Mac & cheese good leftover? Is it good cold? I know almost zip about pasta {except how to make my mothers spaghetti and meatballs}

It is a new year and I am expending my horizons. In about 25 min, I am leaving to expand my horizons even further! Stay tuned……

Love you beyond the horizon.