Shoot, Its Another New Years Day

Yesterday was lazy and nice. We slept in after an evening in Dallas, celebrating the new year. After I baked a pie, we went to the country where my granddaughter, Matilda gave me my first archery instruction/lesson. I absolutely loved it.

Photo: My first archery lesson.

I loved the experience. My form was very bad, because I was nervous. At least I have my first dozen shots behind me. Now I can concentrate on my form.

Photo: After archery practice, Matilda and I played a game.
A gross game named Pimple Pete.

It is January 2, 2019. Wednesday morning. I am sitting at my work table in a flannel nightie while rain (or is it snow and ice?) is keeping me from exercising at the lake. I think that I will bundle up and go to the Mall where I walk. (It is across town in West Plano, but I must confess, window shopping while walking 5 miles appeals to the ARTist side of me) I have a rule that if I am there walking, I am not allowed to buy anything. I am there to be healthy/get healthy. So far, so good!

Happy, happy, new year to whomever stopped by to Toujours today. I wish you love, laughter and long life as 2019 becomes a reality to us.

Love you,