Sunday~Dinner and Loving Vincent

It rained all day on Sunday. Dinner and a movie consisted of onion soup, a cheese plate and goat cheese dumplings.

Photo: Onion soup and goat cheese dumplings

Our movie was, “Loving Vincent”….Larry chose this weeks movie.

Photo: Loving Vincent

We were mesmerized by the movie. While we ate our soup and drank our wine, Vincent became a reality to us as we learned of his life. It was lovely.

Today is New Years Eve. Larry is working, I will leave here in a moment to walk my miles. The rain has stopped and the sun is out. I want to be outside too.

Have a wonderful new years eve. May the promise of this new year bring you joy and encouragement.

Love you,


Dinner In Austin

On Thursday, My Larry and I got up very early and drove to San Antonio. He had meetings and I had my knitting. After his meetings, Instead of staying in San Antonio, we drove back to Austin where we checked into our favorite little hotel.

Sweet, wonderful, Larry. He said that if I kept him company on the trip, he would take me to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Austin for dinner

That is exactly what we did. Our hotel is a few blocks from the restaurant. It is a nice walk in downtown Austin, Texas to and from dinner.

Photo:Dinner in Austin

Are you ready for a brand new year? I think that I am,

Have a happy, wonderful day….it is Sunday dinner and movie day!

Love you,


The Day After

Yesterday, My Larry was back at work. His phone started ringing around 7:30 am. He loves the people who he works with and he heard from all of his favorites yesterday!

Me? I did almost nothing. I walked 5 miles….talked to both daughters. Texted for a long time with Debbie next door. Ordered an out of date shirt pattern from Ebay for mere pennies. Made dinner out of Christmas Day left overs. It rained buckets yesterday. It thundered like crazy and the lightening was a Boxing Day light show.

Now it is a sunny, happy Thursday. I have the entire day in front of me. How amazing is that?

Photo: I was asked to post a full shot of my Bouche de Noel.

Love you.


A Tolbert Christmas~2018

Photo: The Pier at White Rock Lake. We hiked 5 miles

Larry and I hiked on Christmas day. It was the most wonderful morning. We talked, laughed…and cried. Isn’t that what Christmas is about? We came home and watched To Catch a Thief, made dinner and exchanged gifts.

Photo: Christmas, Dinner and Movie

We were tired when we came home and hungry, so we started dinner early, around three o’clock. Dinner consisted of prime rib, mashed potatoes & gravy, lima beans and sauteed mushrooms. Champagne and water.

We watched White Christmas during dinner and dessert….Oh! I had so much fun making dessert! I made a Buche du Noel.

Larry and I exchanged gifts during dessert. We had eaten so much dinner and felt very content. During our meal, we toasted our families, our blessed life and forever love……

My Larry and I hope that you had a wonderful day filled with Love and Laughter.

Love you,


Sunday, Dinner and A Movie

Yesterday, Sunday Dinner and Movie was a blessing. The stress of the holiday had caught up to me and Larry made dinner. Potato salad, and grilled burgers.

Our movie was The Holly and The Ivy. {My favorite Christmas Carol}

The movie has an interesting history, it was intense and in the end….well….you will just have to watch it.

I can hardly believe that it is Christmas eve. My heart feels a bit melancholy and I look forward to a brand new, productive new year. 2019 sounds wonderful. {with lots of Sunday, dinner and movies.}

Love you,


Peace On Earth

One day, while on holiday, I went looking for  a yarn/fiber shop I had been following on Instagram. The boutique was tucked away in a sweet passage, far from our flat. I bought my yarn,  drooled over Liberty Of London Fabrics and enjoyed all of the other shops in the passage.  

It is while browsing that I saw the origami butterfly. It took me a moment to focus and then the absolute joy of the view took over.

I LOVE when that happens. It was a moment captured.

This busy weekend has the ability to get away from us. Busy moments. Friends and family might be overtired and impatient. I plan on taking  a deep breath and enjoy the sweet moments. Life speeds past us, very fast like a butterfly on the wing.  There is only one Christmas 2018.  Let there be peace on earth.

Love you.


A Box Of Joy

I finished wrapping all gifts today. Larry’s were the last ones. He knows I made him a quilt, but has not seen it, and the Pug bag has three stocking goodies in it. 

I look forward to this holiday. This Christmas.  Larry and I decided months ago, to celebrate this holiday the way we wanted to. So we have made plans and look forward to a day filled with love, happy moments and positive attitudes. 

I wish that I could wrap up a huge helping of JOY and give it to someone who is not feeling well.  Perhaps there is a way to do that, without a box……

Have a happy day.

Love you.


Wound Up

Today started with walking five miles in the fog. The first four miles were a breeze but when I start mile five, cramps kicked in. I suspect this is the pain/gain part of my exercise commitment. I took a picture but it looks like a gray mess….with so much fog. I will be back at the lake tomorrow, perhaps it will be a better day?

I came home from exercise, to wind balls of yarn. Last week, I bought a yarn swift and yarn ball winder. It was shipped in two pieces and I am patiently waiting for the “swift” {ironic isn’t it that the SWIFT is late to arrive?} While waiting, I am making due with the winder. 

I frogged the project I started….to re-wind the balls of yarn that I had wound myself. It is fascinating watching the ball winder. So glad I have THREE MORE TO RE-WIND! Not really. It is interesting though and it is important for me to have the yarn feed from the inside of the ball.

PHOTO: Yarn ball winder and finished ball of yarn.

Here is my primitive set up. I am so excited for the swift to arrive…because I bought the most amazing yarn in France and cannot wait to wind the skeins up. {more about that later}

Larry has gone to meetings in Dallas and I can hear my mothers clock ticking the time and chiming the hours.  How I miss her this time of year. The special way she had of decorating the tree and the wonderful cookies she made.

This  is the time of year to reflect on our faith and remember the special people  who are not with us any longer.  I have a question…..Why does this reflection  change so drastically as we get older?   

I adore hearing from our friends via holiday cards and seeing them at parties. It truly is about the special “moments” and making memories. Good memories.

It is quite true. I am wound up today and ready for anything. Bring it on….Christmas, I am ready!

Love you,


PS: My friend Molly’s sweet dog passed away this morning. I send you love Molly. XOX …Ricky is with Libby now…..

Red Ribbon

Photo: Project on my work table

Yesterday I started knitting a new sweater. It is a confusing pattern and the yarn wonderful.  All of my favorite shades of green are represented in the fiber. There is something joyful about working with things or people that I like. There is a calm about it.

I have been wrapping gifts for the past two days. Larry organized everything and I just wrapped. If it were not for Larry, I would just use gift bags for everything.

Yesterday, our next door neighbor brought a gift over, wrapped so wonderfully that we never want to open it!

Photo: Fun wrapping! Gift from our next door neighbor

Larry and I decided to wait till Christmas to open this one…

Will let you know what treasure is inside. Till then, please be happy. Enjoy the Holiday because it is about the moments, not the gifts.

Love you beyond the red ribbon.


Out Loud

It is Monday isn’t it?

The weekend was perfection and today started with a 5 mile walk.

Laundry is in the washer and I started knitting a new sweater.

Bland post, isn’t it?

You see, when I was on Facebook,

Each morning I would write a post on the blog


post the link on my Facebook page.

It was convenient and no one had to go to any trouble to find me.

 Now, the truth comes out.

hardly anyone hits the blog anymore.

{perhaps 2-10 people a day, the average was 10 times higher }

Not sure what I am going to do, just talking out-loud.

Love you.