Like A Child Again

Last weekend,

our granddaughter Matilda spent the night at The Cottage

while her Mother and Dad went to a concert.

It was a good weekend and

we missed her when she went home.

The awesome thing is……

Photo: Benjamin, the dog puppet, with a sleep mask on

this week, when I downloaded pictures from my camera,

I found photos taken by Matilda.

Here is our dog for now, Benjamin. {he is a puppet}

It looks like Matilda shared her sleep mask with him


cuddled him in.

I love this photo so much.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to view the world as a child again?

When I feel this way….I pull out my copy of

Robert Louis Stevenson’s

There are many copies, but this one is the best.

Illustrations are spectacular

and the verse can take you away.

We should all take the time to view the world as a child again.

How lovely would that be?

Love you.


The Wave

Photo: One of my favorite mugs, a gift from Matilda

Photo: The worktable

My worktable is cluttered


embroidery floss, a phone and a cup of diet Coke.

I have a project planned.

There is a piece of ART that My Larry adores.

It is a wood block piece, by  Hokusai.

For years, he has chosen things {journals, t shirts, mugs}

with the famed  WAVE on them.

Photo: The Wave

Last summer, we had the privilege of seeing

the Hokusai exhibit at The British Museum.

It was an amazing exhibit.

Ancient wood block pieces that stunned the senses.

Fast forward to this summer.

We were at the beach

and I went to the tiny quilt shop in Kapaa.

{it is am awesome shop}

Yes. The Wave appeared again. On fabric!

I bought 4 panels, and promised Larry a twin size quilt

to use as a throw as the Texas weather

became cool.

Photo: 4 panels of The Wave.

I am looking forward to making  a quilt for Larry.



As the country braces to fight hurricane Florence

My thoughts and prayers are with

 many  good friends on the East coast.

Love you.


The Man Face

I have been walking at the same park for years.

It is very close to The Cottage.

I remember when it was built, renamed ,

 when they enlarged the lake  and widened the sidewalk.

The first time that I walked  the trail,

I was in Texas on holiday and pregnant with  my daughter Lauren.

At the beginning of this year, while exercising,

I was walking toward a tree

and thought that someone had put a  mask on the tree.

But no!

It is just a growth on the tree that looks like a man!

Photo: Man Face on tree

I have been meaning to take a photo of it for months,

and today in the drizzle I did just that.

The Man Face.

I think that  the man needs a name.

I would love suggestions….

please, just leave your suggestion

in the comment section of this post.

Enjoy your moments.

Love you,


The Spirit

I met a woman a few weeks ago and all she talked about

was her “Spirit Animal”….what is that exactly?

She tried to explain.





I asked: Do you pick it or does it pick you?

She said: Both.

I was confused.

I googled  Spirit Animal.

The things that came up, books, quizzes, etc had a price attached.

Is this a scam?

One morning, I asked Larry what he knew about spirit animials


did he have one?

He said: yes, and you have one too.

He told me that I have had  what is NOW known as a spirit animal,

for many, many years.

Link to Robin’s Spirit Animal.

The wonderful part is that Larry and I have the same animal.

Photo: The tattoo of my spirit animal. Day after I got it. June, 2009

After my connection with the Great Honu for many years,

Larry and I got matching tribal Honu Tattoos, before we

even knew what a spirit animal was.

Do you have a spirit animal?

What is it?

How did it come to be?

What have you done to honor it?

How does it help you?

Thank you for sharing my moments….

Love you.


Chin Up Kiddo

This weekend, we had a special guest.


Photo: The Paris dress I made Matilda

I gave her the dress I made for her.


Photo: Krispy Kreams

We ate donuts. It had been 6 months since Larry and I had a donut.

We had given them up for lent and just have not had one since Fat Tuesday.


Matilda and Larry had a scavenger hunt.

Photo: Clues!

Photo: finding items in the rain.

Photo: Nature scavenger hunt a success!

They had such a good time.

It was a very good weekend.


It is over-cast again today.

It matches my mood.

Have you ever wondered, what is wrong with people?

I believe that it is as easy to be nice as it is to be nasty.

Even if I feel nasty in my heart,

I keep smiling and it makes me very tired…

Larry said: Chin up kiddo and keep smiling.

Men! {you have to love them.

They have such a simple way of looking at things}

Chin up kiddo.

Love you.


Book Club and Cheshire Cats

Photo: Lunch with Book Club

Yesterday, my book club met at a local tea room.

This group is made up some of  my

favorite ladies in the world.

We discussed the book, Howard’s End,

enjoyed a fabulous lunch


caught up on our summer adventures.

It was a lovely afternoon.


Larry and I walked 5 miles today at the lake this morning.

We were there before the sun rose

and while the mist rose from the water.

It gave me a creepy feeling. Halloweenish.

Next week is the marathon at The Dallas Arboretum.

We are ready.


I looked up from my work table a moment ago….


saw the Cheshire Cat in front of this quote taped to the  wall.

Is he agreeing with me


mocking me?

I guess it is all in my perspective.

Love you.


Thankful Cards

Photo: By Robin. Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh. August 2018

It is beautiful this morning.

I skipped walking


I am dressed for the day whatever it may bring.

Today, I am  addressing Thankful Cards.

Many of you already know…

that we do not send Holiday Cards in December…

 we send Thankful Cards in November.

This year, Larry created the card…it was his year.

You may not hear from us often,

but please know how much you mean to Larry and me.

What do you do to thank the wonderful people in your life?

I am not quite sure I do enough in the thankful department….


Quote: Did you know that Pissaro is Larry’s favorite ARTist? {besides me}

Please, have a happy Thankful day.

It is such a tearful day today…..

perhaps it is addressing these awesome cards? 

Life is such a gift.

Love you.


The Majesty Of It

I walked 5 miles this morning.

It was 6 am when I left

and since it was early,

Larry joined me.

Photo: Sunrise

We watched the sun rise and talked.

A lot.

Have you ever noticed  that compared

to the majesty of nature,

your problems seem so small?

Photo: After sunrise.

Love you.


Thanksgiving In September

It is September.

The days are getting shorter,

the weather is changing


the hot oppressive summer is almost over.

Yesterday, Larry and I celebrated


Photo: Small table set for Thanksgiving In September

I roasted a 13 pound turkey,

and served all of the trimmings.

Larry made the mashed potatoes.

{they were perfection}

With dinner, Larry put the movie,


He loves the soundtrack, for dinner especially.

{Phillip Glass is a favorite}

We are thankful for so much this year.

My favorite quote from the movie, No Reservations is:

“I wish there was a recipe for life”


I certainly could use a Life Recipe these days.


Yesterday while roasting the turkey,

I finished a knitted bolero for Matilda.

It is a funny, bumpy knitted shrug…

Photo: Knitted bolero for Matilda

and it will go with a dress that I am making her.

I have promised to post photos  of the dress when it is finished.


I wish you warm bolero’s for cool days,

special moments,

crushing hugs


a recipe for your day.

Love you.


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