The Great Escape

The sun has finally come out.

I walked around the lake, many, many laps in the mud.

The day is quiet, Larry is away at meetings in Dallas.

The Radio  is tuned onto my favorite station in Dublin, Ireland


I am working on Larry’s wave quilt.

Photo: “Larry’s Quilt” in progress

There is something wonderful about making a gift like this.

The person that you are making it for,

is in your heart so deeply while you work…

thoughts, memories, love,

special moments remembered with joy.


While I write thoughts here on the blog, it is special for me.

Thoughts captured forever, whether they matter to you or not.

It is my morning coffee.

It is a moment of bringing my thoughts to the surface


sharing a project I have at the work table.

Sometimes I feel so amazingly overwhelmed with “life”


 mundane, busy thoughts are my escape.

Thank you for being part of  the great escape.

Love you beyond the moon.