Thanksgiving In September

It is September.

The days are getting shorter,

the weather is changing


the hot oppressive summer is almost over.

Yesterday, Larry and I celebrated


Photo: Small table set for Thanksgiving In September

I roasted a 13 pound turkey,

and served all of the trimmings.

Larry made the mashed potatoes.

{they were perfection}

With dinner, Larry put the movie,


He loves the soundtrack, for dinner especially.

{Phillip Glass is a favorite}

We are thankful for so much this year.

My favorite quote from the movie, No Reservations is:

“I wish there was a recipe for life”


I certainly could use a Life Recipe these days.


Yesterday while roasting the turkey,

I finished a knitted bolero for Matilda.

It is a funny, bumpy knitted shrug…

Photo: Knitted bolero for Matilda

and it will go with a dress that I am making her.

I have promised to post photos  of the dress when it is finished.


I wish you warm bolero’s for cool days,

special moments,

crushing hugs


a recipe for your day.

Love you.