Blooming Again

Photo: Painting: Blooming Again by robin tolbert

Sometimes, life takes our breath away.

The sun shines differently


promises become wishes.

Friendship becomes a reality, or not.

Colors change, songs make you angry or cry.

Love becomes a blanket that circles you as you struggle.

Then when it is over,

you will find that you are BLOOMING AGAIN…..

Love you.


P’s and Q’s Snack Mix~Chef Valentine

Due to the many requests for the snack mix

posted yesterday,

here is the recipe for my P’s and Q’s Snack Mix.

P’s and Q’s Snack Mix


4 cups Honey Nut Cheerios

2 cups pretzel minis or sticks

2 cups Cheeze-its

1 cup Wasabi peas

1 cup unsalted peanuts

1 3oz package Ramen Noodle soup

{noodles crushed and save the flavor packet for later}

1 stick butter

1/2 cup grated Parmesan


*Preheat oven to 300 degrees

*Line baking baking pan with parchment paper

{I use a jelly roll pan}

*In a large bowl, combine:




   Wasabi Peas


   Crushed  ramen noodles

*In a  small pan, melt 1 stick of butter

add ramen seasoning and Parmesan

*pour over snack mixture and toss well to coat.

*Spread on baking sheet.

*Bake 15-20 min till cheese melts

*Cool and serve. {or package as gifts.}


I gave one jar away as a gift and Larry has been enjoying his jar.

{Larry’s is half gone!}

It received great reviews


watching people scarf it down is the best compliment of all!

Enjoy  and till next time.


Two Jars And A smile

Yesterday I made a new  recipe for snack mix.

I call it P’s & Q’s because it has wasabi peas in it.

One jar is for Larry and one jar is for Amanda.

As you can see, Larry has already stared eating his snack.

Amanda is a good friend who has been my hairstylist for over 25 years.

She is a true ARTist in every sense of the word.

I usually put her tip in a note where I print  an interesting quote.

Today’s quote:

A simple smile.

I love this so much.

Have a wonderful day…I am smiling.

Love you.


The Great Escape

The sun has finally come out.

I walked around the lake, many, many laps in the mud.

The day is quiet, Larry is away at meetings in Dallas.

The Radio  is tuned onto my favorite station in Dublin, Ireland


I am working on Larry’s wave quilt.

Photo: “Larry’s Quilt” in progress

There is something wonderful about making a gift like this.

The person that you are making it for,

is in your heart so deeply while you work…

thoughts, memories, love,

special moments remembered with joy.


While I write thoughts here on the blog, it is special for me.

Thoughts captured forever, whether they matter to you or not.

It is my morning coffee.

It is a moment of bringing my thoughts to the surface


sharing a project I have at the work table.

Sometimes I feel so amazingly overwhelmed with “life”


 mundane, busy thoughts are my escape.

Thank you for being part of  the great escape.

Love you beyond the moon.


There Aren’t Many Things

Have you ever noticed that

problems seem so much worse

in the middle of the night?

It drives me mad…and keeps me awake.

There are not many things that I dislike more than

two of hours of  American Ninja Warrior

at 2 AM while I cannot sleep.

It makes it difficult to get up in the morning.

This morning, my coach, My Larry, suggested

that  our post marathon rest should be over.

So after a week off from exercising, we got up, dressed


went to the trail.


after raining and flooding all last week

the park/trail was not fit for a good lap.

Photo: After flooding over the weekend, you can see how high the water got.

Photo: the mud and slime on the trail made it to slippery to pass.

We got a couple of miles in and came home.

I am listening to my favorite radio station,  {from Dublin}

laundry is swirling and

my desk is cluttered with the creation known as “Larry’s Quilt.”

It is drizzling outside again and I have three {real} notes to write.

Monday has officially  started.


Dear hearts.

I wish you a beautiful day.

I wish you moments to remember

and a full nights sleep.

Love you beyond…….you fill in the blank?


Things To Remember

One day long ago,

I was in PA/Bucks County to visit my Uncle Bruce.

We went to a tiny Scottish shop in New Hope


Larry bought this for me.

It reminds me daily

of the important things in life….


a special day with people who I love.

{it makes me smile every day}

Love you.



In Times Of Great Distraction

In times of great distraction…..

I feel blessed that my adventures have taken me far away.

Photo: by Robin-London 2017. The Mews where we stayed



by~robin tolbert


The air is filled with hope.

Breathing in and out

fills the heart.


Accepting the moments.

Knowing that His will

be done.


Love, joy and strength.

Keeping the  heart full

of all things good.


Joy is part of my life.

It has  ALWAYS  been part of my life.

I apologize  if you cannot feel it through your screen.

There are people who are only voyeurs in my life…

That is ok,  but please do me a favor?

If you only know me  from the blog,

don’t judge to harshly.

We all do the best we can…..

Love you.



Photo: Matilda, incognoto

Yesterday, I wished that I could be someone else.

I was exhausted and sad and

life was testing me each moment.

After a good nights sleep,

I woke up today, glad to be me.

I am up at sunrise because I have a dental appointment.

Perhaps I wanted to be someone else

because I hate getting my teeth cleaned?

Love you.


Dear Kristin Chenoweth

This past weekend, was special.

On Saturday, Larry and I participated in the

Quarter/Half  Marathon at the Dallas Arboretum.

We finished and received medals.


On Saturday evening, we went to the Meyerson Symphony Center Gala.

Larry prepared a picnic as we people watched.

Photo: Champagne picnic at the Meyerson Symphony Center. Dallas, Texas

We had tickets for the Gala/ Funraiser

with Kristin Chenoweth.

Photo: By Robin~Kristin Chenoweth in concert. Dallas, Texas

Larry and I sat in the second row….holding hands.

Kristin complimented us on being in love like her parents are.

Little did she know how much being there on Saturday meant to us

or that she sang “our song”

or that our 7 year old Granddaughter Matilda

had told me before the concert that she was jealous because

we were getting to see Glinda in person.

{Kristin was the original Glinda in the Broadway play WICKED…..

one of my favorite of all time plays. {along with Camelot}}

Below: Personal Message

Dear Kristin,

Oh, how we enjoyed your performance on Saturday night with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us…and noticing how you touched us in the audience.

Our granddaughter was about 4 years old and learned the word LOATHING because her favorite song in WICKED is, What Is This Feeling?…now she pantomimes the song to perfection.

Larry and I thank you for the kind words,

we wish you only amazing moments,


thank you for sharing the joy of ART with

young ARTists in the area.

You are wonderful.

Merci Kristin d’avoir apporte tant de joie.

Love you.


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