It Was Not A Pilgrimage At All

Last weekend, Larry and I  made arrangements

to go on  a pilgrimage of sorts.

We would fly to Pittsburgh to  take flowers

to my Grandparents {my Mothers parents} graves.

Then we would meet my cousin for dinner


the next day go visit my Mothers first cousin, Ruth.

That was the plan.


Friday morning.

At the cemetery, we found the area where

my grandparents were buried

but not the headstones.

The cemetery was in a disarray.

So many headstones were buried under inches of dirt.

We were there for hours but no luck finding them.

Photo: Cemetery in Pittsburgh

All the headstones are flat.

It was beautiful, but did not feel like a cemetery at all.


Friday night.

We met my cousin Kathy for dinner.

We barely knew each other as children

but have reconnected the past few years

{she is an amazing person}

Photo: Storms in Pittsburgh

I do not know how it happened,

but I did not take any pics at dinner.

We talked, caught up on “life” , enjoyed dinner

and then we were invited back to Kathy’s house

for dessert.

Photo: It looks like the camera setting was on fish eye, but I love this shot.

At dessert we met Violeta, Todd, Maya, Majandra and Joaquin.

{Kathy’s daughter, son in law, and grandchildren}

What a wonderful family.

The Children were charming and engaging.

Violeta and Todd….well what can  I say. So sweet, fun and kind.

It was such a nice evening, not a pilgrimage at all.

It was family.

Saying goodbye that evening was difficult.


On Saturday…..

Larry and I left the hotel to visit Ruth.

Ruth is my Mother’s first cousin.

I was so excited, we left about an hour {to} early .

When we arrived, Kathy was already there with Ruth.

Beautiful, charming Ruth.

I had visited this magnificent home as a child.

Memories flooded back.

Ruth looked as I remember her.

Sweet smile and twinkling eyes.

I wish my Mother had been with us for this lovely visit.

Photo: Ruth, Kathy and me.

It was the most amazing weekend.

Larry and I are already talking about going back, to find my grandparents.

And to visit,

Ruth, Kathy, Violeta, Todd and the adorable children.

The weekend was filled with family and joy.

It was not a pilgrimage at all.

Love you.