Quarante Et Un

Quarante Et Un, Forty One Years ago today in Richmond, VA

Larry and I were married.

This is the only photo we have. Taken by my brother in law.

One thing I do have is , in my bridal bouquet.

I worked at a flower shop in Richmond when we were married


the owner made an arrangement  on my bible.

{I made the cover for the bible from left over wedding dress fabric}

It now lives in a shadow box.

We  made plans  today to celebrate our anniversary…

but they have been postponed till tomorrow because

our air conditioner is not working.

The AC man will be coming sometime today.

{you know how THAT is}

Happy Anniversary Larry!


Larry and I flew away to Pittsburgh this past weekend.

It is where my mother was born and grew up.

I will share more later…till then please know

that it was an amazing visit.

{thank you Kathy Anderson. You  helped make our trip perfect}


Happy August 20th .

One of the great love stories of the century

started on that day in 1977.

Larry. I love you.