That Fresh Faced Child

Yesterday I found these photos….

They make me smile.

I LOVE Larry so much and where has our time gone?

Photo: Wedding Photo  August 1977


Photo: Larry traveling home from Fla. 1975

I do not want to sound like a grumpy old lady, but merde.

I do not like being treated like a 60 something gray-head.

I want to shout that I feel like I am 45 years old.

Where did that fresh face child and her hunky love vanish to?

I know where.

We are right here, enjoying our moments and surrounded by love.

Don’t forget Seniors are people too.

Please don’t call us Granny or Pa if we are not your Granny or Pa.

{Larry’s pet peeve is to be called Pa by adults}

Life goes by at record speed…enjoy each moment

and do not let anyone suggest that you are old.

Ok, I got THAT off of my chest. Thank you for listening.

Love you!