Team Believe and Early Detection

Good morning dear ones.

My Larry has declared this an anniversary.

Last year, on this date, I was 5 years cancer free.

I have been informed that now the celebrations REALLY  start.

{Larry is so amazing}

Six years ago, my tumor was removed…


I have stayed breast cancer free since that day.

 My breast cancer was discovered, because a friend had been diagnosed.

It was in her honor, that I had a random mammogram.

It is that mammogram, that i had “by chance”

that we found  my tumor.

Now, I need you to do me a favor. Please.

If you have not had a screening this year, please go?

Remind your friends, women and men.

Early detection saved my life.

It saved my life.

Love you.


Learning New Skills

Larry and I were teenagers when we met.

He is  my favorite person in the world.

He can do anything. Except cook.

It seems, as we are in the 4th quarter of our life,

we are doing comfort things.

Exercising, seeking out our good friends, eating clean

and learning new skills.

Larry has been cooking. {and we all know that is MY job}

Last week he offered to make Sunday dinner.

I asked if he was sure…..he said of course.

I adore a man with confidence.

He did such a good job….dinner was so good,

that I gobbled it down fast.

You would have thought I had been starving to death.

Menu: Burgers cooked on the grill

and corn on the cob.

Isn’t it ironic that our corn holders are piggies?

{because I ate like a pig}

The burgers were delish.

The picture says it all.


Our movie was As Good As It Gets.

You see, good friends of ours are talking about a holiday in Paris.

It seems that our paths will cross for a few days…and we have promised  a dinner.

Of course, they will come to dinner at our flat….

but dinner out, will be at one of Larry’s favorite restaurants.

Le Grand Colbert….it  is highlighted in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give.
That is what we watched….

It was a good evening.

PS: Our wine was FREAKSHOW.

Paired with burgers….perfection.

Je t’aime.


Perfect For Today

As I walked my laps today,

all  I could  think about was being on Kaua’i.

The smell of the ocean and  to feel the sand under my feet.

Oh, the sand.


Neither Out Far Nor In Deep

The people along the sand
All turn and look one way.
They turn their back on the land.
They look at the sea all day.

As long as it takes to pass
A ship keeps raising its hull;
The wetter ground like glass
Reflects a standing gull

The land may vary more;
But wherever the truth may be-
The water comes ashore,
And the people look at the sea.

They cannot look out far.
They cannot look in deep.
But when was that ever a bar
To any watch they keep?

~Robert Frost~

I adore this poem.

It is perfect for today.

As my thoughts vary

and go slightly array.

Love you.


Abstract Highlights Painting Number 10

Time is speeding past  and

I am feeling the need to minimize.

In this process, I am selling many of my paintings.

Each week, I will highlight a painting.

IF you are interested, please email me

for price info and include the painting number.


ART Highlight Day

Painting Number 10

Photo: Painting number 10.  Oil on canvas by Tolbert. 16″ X 20″ without frame. 21″ X 25″ with frame.

Photo: Painting number 10

This is a difficult piece to photograph.

Texture reflects the light in wonderful ways.

I took it off the gallery wall to photograph it,


Larry informed me that he had missed it very much.

If interested or have any questions, please email me for price.

This is painting number 10.


     Have a wonderful day!

Love you.


A Joyeux Anniversaire

Photo: Anniversary gift arrived, wrapped by the ARTist.

It is hard for me to fathom,

that in a few weeks,

Larry and I will have been married 41 years.

We decided on a gift weeks ago…trusting our “gut”

as we commissioned a painting

by just seeing a  painting that a fellow blogger

{Thank you Stephanie Nielson}

had commissioned by the same ARTist.

I am so picky about things like this….but it felt right.


Do you want to see that paining first or know the ARTist?


The ARTist is Suzi Reil. {links below}

ARTist Suzi Reil l website ink

Suzi Reil Etsy Store link

{we commissioned her through her ETSY Shop}

Suzi is a California  ARTist, who has a special knack capturing

the complete expression of a beloved pet or family member .

She is wonderful to work with and is very concerned

about capturing your subject  perfectly.

I cried when I opened the portrait last evening….


had so much to tell Suzi about my feelings as I looked at the painting.

But that can wait.

Photo: Libby Portrait. Will be framed in a few weeks…for now I just want to look at her eyes.

Happy Anniversary Larry.

Libby’s portrait is priceless.

I love you beyond the moon.


Peace Be With You,

It was a fun, busy weekend.

Matilda’s birthday party was on Saturday.

Photo: Matilda and her new bow

and on Sunday, we went to the Modern ART Museum in Ft Worth

to see the  Murakami exhibit with Matilda.

The exhibit was striking and quite visual.

Incorporating  unique ways of creating ART on  and with different materials

…I enjoyed it very much.


Since Libby left us, many friends have been suggesting that we adopt another dog.

I am just not ready now and the wonderful thing is,

Matilda understands how I feel.

{She is such a sympathetic creature}

So, yesterday at the ART Museum, she and I each found

at the same time,

an English Bull Dog puppet.

He was adopted on the spot and named Benjamin.

He is adorable and means a lot because Matilda was instrumental

in finding him.  I hope to include him in future posts.


Today is hot. I walked my laps early, 6:45 am-ish

 and as I walked, a bike-rider approached from behind.

The rider said: on your left.

I said: Thank you

and as he passed me he said: Good Morning, Peace be with you.

And also with you sir.

How wonderful it was on this hot, stinky morning

to have the Peace of Christ shared.

Have  a wonderful day.

Love you beyond …{please, you fill in the blank}


I Dare You

Photo: Zinnia’s from Lauren’s garden, hostess gift.

It is  very hot here today.

I went to the rec-center and walked my laps inside.

The house is quiet. Larry is working in his office


I am surrounded by canvas and palates  filled with dabs of paint.

When it is summer, you can smell the oil in the oil paints.

Paints  go on the canvas differently in the summer.

I love the smell of paints….but to be honest,

brushes are even better. { LOVE them}

Have a great Friday.

Dance in the park.

Donate to your favorite charity.

Give blood.

Cry over a romantic movie…..

{ I watched a wonderful movie a few days ago. I cried.

It got not so good reviews, but I liked it a lot.

Perhaps it is an ARTist thing?}

Dare To Be Wild


tell someone that they are special.

I dare you.

Love you.


Camp Robi Recap-The Last Day

We started talking about Camp Robi months ago.

This year, Matilda decided that she would like a sleep over camp…

for three nights {and four days}…and that is exactly what we did.

Re-cap last day, Thursday, day 4…….

Breakfast, yoga and

Photo: Angel food cake with bees made out of sugar.

we baked a cake.

{someone  wrote and asked me where I found the bees…

 on Amazon!}

Matilda had been sketching each morning of Camp-Robi


on this last day she painted what she had been sketching.

Photo: Matilda and watercolors.

Photo: Matilda’s watercolor pug

She painted a pug dog.

We were a bit quiet , knowing that tonight she would be back home.

We had plans to meet her parents at a French Cafe that we like…

and then go to the Rough-riders Baseball game.

We arrived at the cafe first…then her parents came.

She was happy to see them!

The baseball game was rained out…but we had a nice visit…..

I guess you can tell that I miss this happy face…..

AND today is her birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel. Make  Happy Memories!


It is Thursday but feels like Friday to me.

Happy Birthday to Karen-Susie. Your friendship is a gift to Larry and to me.

Have the BEST day! XOX

When I post this …I must then  work on a painting.

Have a wonderful day…. And birthday  Matilda and Karen!

Love you.


Day Three Camp-Robi Update

Day three of course started with breakfast, yoga and pen-pal time.

Matilda wrote TWO letters on day three!

Our  Wednesday activity was….the DALLAS ZOO!!!

Photo: Matilda high fived this Mandrill.

At the zoo, we watched the animals and they pretended not to watch us.

Photo: Matilda and Pa, on the monorail.

Photo: We met an African porcupine.

Photo: Matilda loved posing with the sculptures.

Photos: The Hippos were tired and lazy.


Photo: Lacy, the giraffe.

Matilda fed Lacy her lunch! Lacy LOVED Matilda.

And Matilda loved Lacy.

Photo: The storks were happy on the hot day.

Matilda rode the carousel.

Photo: She rode on the hummingbird.

THEN…drum roll please!

Our sweet,  wonderful friends own a restaurant in Dallas….Pepe’s & Mito’s

{they have been on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!}

and we went there for lunch after the zoo….

We had an early birthday Lunch for a certain almost 7 year old

and everyone sang  Happy Birthday to Matilda.

Yes! The candle is in the lime. That impressed Matilda so much.

It makes me smile.

The day went by much to fast.

Here are tired campers smiling  {I promise they were} as we went to the car.


Please have a happy, wonderful day.

Love you.


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