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My Voice!

After my daughters moved out of the house.

I took a little job at the neighborhood veterinary office.

I was hired as a part time receptionist.

One day a man brought his sweet dog in…

I took all of his information and puppy stayed at the clinic for that day.

The next morning, the man came to pick up his dog

I brought the puppy to him,


 I handed off the puppy to him.

In this process, the man grabbed  my breast.

{and  looked me in the eye when he did it}

I wanted to say that it was not on purpose,

but it was.


That night, I talked to Larry and about it,

he suggested I tell my boss, the DR.

When I told the Dr, I felt like an idiot.


and I have felt like an idiot about this for many years.

That man had no right to grab my breast.

Isn’t it funny that with the publicity about men and sexual harassment

it gave me a voice?

As long as we let people get away with such action, jerks will take full advantage.

Being strong about anything,  allows us to use our voice.

I send love and crushing hugs to you.


PS: during our first year of marriage,

I was sexually attacked at our apartment.

These two situations are completely different.

Remember your voice!




Bueno Sunday

Yesterday was awesome.

Larry and I had Sunday LUNCH and a Movie,

because we were going to a Halloween gathering in the evening.

We had Taco Bueno Tacos for lunch,

and watched a movie,



It was smart and soulful…..

We ate our tacos, then I cuddled up next to Larry


watched the movie.


I had a dentist appointment this morning at 7:50

{and had to cancel}


I was very sick during the night.

I am feeling a little better better now,

but I will rest today..

Enjoy this beautiful day…..Love you.




Organic Moments At The Sea

Larry and I are home from Florida.

It was beautiful and  I needed the sea.

{this weeks song is based on my trip}

Organic moments in the water were as  refreshing as a massage.

My Larry’s company hosted a costumer event


I tagged along.

We rented cabana #14.


I loved cabana time.


When Larry went to the elevator, I could see him from our room.

{on a rainy afternoon at the beach. I stayed in the room and read}


I splurged on my diet.


Sunset views from our room were  perfection.

Abstract days at the beach allow you to come home refreshed and happy.

Now, onward to HALLOWEEN!


Love you.




Ten AM

Can you guess where I went last week?

Parking was $10.00 at the Baptist Church


the line for cupcakes had a 1 hour wait.

It was 10:00 AM!!!  Ten AM.

Joanna and Chip, you guys are great but…..


I adore creative people,

there is a spirit and energy about them that show heart….

I LOVE heart.

Love you,



Autographs And Aging

We have been blessed by having many friends join us

this summer for brunches and dinners.

During the process of visiting and eating,

guests autograph the tablecloth.

Yes, yes, I know that it has been posted about before


Larry and I were talking….

If anything should happen to us,

would our daughters or anyone, even care about this piece of ART?

So many hours stitching names and dates…..

It sucks getting old.

Age makes me think about things like this.

Love you beyond my signature.






This series of shots were taken

during lunch in San Antonio last week.

I lost focus toward the end of the series….

What can I say?

Life is a giant Margarita.

{and isn’t it wonderful?}


Sunday, dinner and movie….take away pizza, salad and movie:

A Brief Encounter.

Good movie and special moments,

are better than a margarita.

Love you.



At The Time

This week in San Antonio was wonderful.

The above shot was taken from the sweet balcony off of our living room.

It made me sigh…….

The city holds many memories for me, good and bad,

but I love it so much.

We have good friends who live there


favorite restaurants.

Larry took me to our favorite

on Wednesday night.

We sat inside, but our window overlooked the Riverwalk


we could hear the Mariachi playing outside.

I sat across from Larry

and we talked.

A lot.

We talked of life, love and  the happy things in our lives.

I have come to the conclusion that

just being with Larry, wherever in the world,

is my favorite  place at that time.

Right now, we are home….

my favorite!

Love you.




A Kismet Day

This morning, as I am far from home,

my reflections of life and love had taken a small turn.

Last night at dinner, I met a young woman.

Forthright and beautiful.

Talented and inspired.

I found myself imagining her mother.

Even though they are separated by hundreds of miles,

I felt the love and pride between them.

Larry and I had not planned on eating at this particular restaurant

but somehow we found ourselves there.

Kismet…to be inspired in a surprising way.

That is what happened to me last night.

Have you ever been touched by kismet?

Have you ever been the person who  inspired others?

What a gift that would be.

I wish you a KISMET day!

Love you.