From The Moment I Woke Up

Yesterday! I celebrated my last oncology appointment.

Dr S is my favorite Doc

and hugging him good bye was a milestone.

My Larry has taken such good care of me.

To be honest,

in these past 5 years a lot of merde has happened.

Things that happen in your life ,

you just want to hang your head and give up.

But between Larry and Dr S,

I wanted to do everything to get better.


We had tickets for a concert and picnic at the Arboretum yesterday.

Larry even had a cheese plate ready.

It was damp outside and gloomy…

honestly I just wanted to stay home.

So we had a picnic in bed.

Lets be honest,

there is something so special about Champagne in bed.

I made little grilled cheese sandwiches out of Hawaiian rolls


we had salad.

Larry made many toasts…and we smiled a lot.

Yesterday, I celebrated.

From the moment I woke, till I fell asleep last night.

It was my last day as a  cancer patient.

Now I am just like every other Paddington  Bear on the street.

Life is wonderful!

Love you.


THE White Cake~ Jamison’s Favorite~ Chef Valentine

When my youngest child was small

she was a picky eater


did not like chocolate.

This is what I would make for

her on special occasions


THE White Cake.

{ this was recipe was requested by Karen}

THE White Cake

Make your favorite white cake. {8″rounds}

If it is from scratch or a box, no matter.

I use Dickinsons’s lemon Curd between the two layers.

{lemon curd is sweet, similar to a pudding}

Then I ice the entire cake.

I make buttercream icing from scratch….

but you can use tub icing , whatever is your favorite.

Any white icing will do.

Yesterday was warm and very humid….

the icing was temperamental….

but it tasted great.

There are THREE days left in September.

It is a perfect  time to enjoy THE White Cake.

Enjoy this day….

Love you.


Always Special

It is cloudy today


The Cottage is dark.

I will turn on music

and  start cooking.

We are having company for dinner tonight.

Our lovely British neighbors have company


tonight they will join us

{and sign the tablecloth}

Cake pans are out

and the oven is preheating.

A pair of pears are waiting

to sacrifice themselves for the cheese plate.

Preparing for guests is always special.


I’d best get busy.

Thank you for taking a moment to stop by.

Love you.


Walking The Runway

Last Saturday,

Matilda was in the Neiman Marcus

Children’s Fashion show.

It was so much fun and she loved it.

My camera was almost dead

but I captured a moment….

a sweet wonderful moment.

I can close my eyes and see Matilda walking down that runway.


am thankful that Lars and Josh included us at the event.

Yesterday was quiet at The Cottage.

Larry was closed off in his office all day


he answers yes, no and maybe

when he is so busy.

He loves his job.

He is gone to meetings today.

I will leave to do errands in a moment….


lets all try to walk with the same confidence

that Matilda had in the fashion show…

Love you.


He Gives Out The Treats

This past week and weekend was crazy.

My blasted cold is hanging on just a little bit,

but I am feeling better every day.

Jami’s boyfriend was hurt while arresting a bad guy


has been in the hospital this past week.

Because he is a police officer, he had police protection

100% of the the time, even while he was in 2 surgeries.

I am sharing this because,

Larry and I took care of their dogs.

Jami was staying at the hospital last week with her guy.

We love her dogs…but they love Larry best of all.

He gives out the treats.


Yesterday, was Sunday, Dinner and Movie.


We ate junk food,

piggies in a blanket, potato skins, cheese poppers



For dessert, we had cherry danish.

Larry loved it all….he smiled and said:

we have not eaten junk like this in ages. 

Our movie was…..

The Texas State Fair starts this week…..

Look for pictures soon, IF we go.


As a PS:

Larry and I do not have a relationship with Jami’s boyfriend,

but, we would be thankful if you would keep him

in your prayers while he recovers.

Family dynamics are difficult sometimes,

but that is where Faith comes in.

God has a plan.

I am so very blessed.

Please have a happy Monday.

Love you beyond the moon.


Casanova and Me

Yesterday, I spent the morning in Ft Worth, Texas.

I was at the Kimbell Museum of ART

viewing the Casanova exhibit.

Casanova! Really.

I truly did not expect much,

but  had a great time….

there were paintings, clothing of the period,

furniture and jewelry.

I loved it.

I was perhaps the only person there…

I did not expect to have such a good time alone.

But it was wonderful.

Oh wait, it got better…..

Larry made me breakfast for dinner.

I believe that I have my own Casanova, right here at The Cottage..

Love you.



Dusty Collections

I have been cleaning the house.

Dusting little treasures

that mean the world only to me.

I have a passion for bitters bottles


old spice cabinets.

Have you ever thought about why people collect certain things?

My friend, Sally Jo, loves guns


Amanda collects books.

I wonder why they collect certain things?

I wonder what my collections say about me?

{I am not a hoarder}

Is a collection a comfort or a distraction?

I am not sure which it is…but I love colors and shapes….

There is a calmness about keeping what you love around you.

It is better than a glass of wine.

{ please don’t tell Larry I said that}

Love you.


Thank You Kim

{the tree above is at the entry of the museum. I LOVED it}

Last month,

I spent a few days in Richmond, VA.

I lived there with my parents in the ’70’s.

Larry and I were married in Richmond.

The history of the city is perfection


The Museum Of Fine Arts is lovely.

I spent two days at the museum.

How could there be anything better?

Lauren’s friend Kim was a perfect hostess.

I have not written her a thank you note yet….

so, why not here?

Dear Kim,

Thank you being so wonderful while I was in Richmond.

Our day at the museum keeps running through my mind

as if it happened yesterday.

The discussions of life and love,

art, politics and the pursuit of happiness,

was wonderful.

{double Dutch in front of Kim’s favorite sculpture, Chloe}

The joy of that day will stay in my heart forever.

What is it about someone giving you

the gift of their time?

It is priceless.

{Kim and I discussed this house while sitting in the museum}

Merci dear Kim.

Much Love, Robin

Looking At The World Through Lead Glass

When I woke this morning,

Larry was already in his office, working.

I peered out the window at the garbage men…

but Larry informed me that they were the recycle men.


I have been informed

{by spammers who leave messages here}

that this blog only has personal content.

Well, duh.

This online journal is only for me…

and I invite you to share the moments if you wish.

I would never presume  to tell you what clothes to wear


how to treat a man.


Is that what people truly want?

Someone to tell them about, clothes,

the opposite sex


how to be happy?

Do people know themselves so little that they do not know these things?


I can tell you this.

I am going to put on yoga pants & t-shirt


clean the house.

Iron  table linens


go over the menu….

because on Saturday night

we are having company for dinner.

How is THAT for content?


Today’s playlist:

Brahms Concerto #2 in B flat -OP.83


The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. ~ Thackeray ~

Have the best Tuesday that you can image.

Be yourself. You are wonderful.

Love you.


Sixteen Years Ago Today

Sixteen years ago, on this day,

we adopted Libby Luna Pug Dog.

She was the sweetest puppy!

Now, when we are out and shopping,

we see the Halloween card that AVANTI Press

produces with her unicorn face,

and it always makes me cry.

It feels like yesterday when I made her unicorn costume


went to the local greenhouse to take the shots.

A friend said: you are still struggling with Libby’s death?

Why, yes, I am.

She was with me when my family turned their backs on me.

Libby was my family, she was with me during family times


dealing with my breast cancer.

Libby, today I toast you!

You perfect pug dog


pink unicorn.

I love you so much.


Larry and I had colds and the flu this weekend.

Sunday, dinner and a movie was cancelled.

It looks beautiful outside today,

It might be a perfect day to start a painting.

Love you beyond the Pink Unicorn Pug.