Larry Started Smiling

It is Tuesday alright, but geeze.

Will I ever learn?

 I made a commitment

for Larry and I at attend an event last evening,

in Fairview, Texas.

It was a Dallas FT Worth Pug Rescue event.

*I had read  an article about grieving. It said,

“Keep moving forward, It may hurt sometimes, 

but you will work your way past it.”

So we moved forward.

It was a great event, at nice pizza restaurant….

on the patio.

We got to the restaurant, Larry saw all of the pugs


the look on his face was pure sadness.

I wanted to cry looking at his face.


We ordered wine, salads, pizza and I promise

Larry started smiling soon enough.

Because a Great Pyrenees rescued him.

Who else but us, could go to a Pug Rescue event

and be rescued by a Great Pyrenees Dog?

You know,

life is pretty amazing.

Love you.


7 thoughts on “Larry Started Smiling

    1. robin Post author

      Sweet Amy, thanks you for reading the blog. Each day gives us such little nudges….I hope you are doing well. Maybe see you soon?

  1. Rita Leach

    Libby’s sense of humor was in the form of the Great Pyrenees Dog. The kisses were from Libby. Libby will always be in you and Larry’s heart. Moving forward is a good thing.

    We send you and Larry gentle hugs.

    Cliff and Rita

    1. robin Post author

      Oh Rita and Cliff. Your comment makes me cry. I was thinking about Rolando playing with her. I think I have a picture and wiil look for it. XOX Love you guys.

  2. Dru L. Devlin

    DId you bring the Great Pyrennes home? xo Sometimes the only thing that fills that whole of love is to bring another love home…I know, oh do I know! You know you will love again so why not just start filling the whole now? It’s ok do it! It makes you feel better quicker!

    1. robin Post author

      Dru, no, no new dog. I am not sure if or when it will happen, but for sure, the pain now is overwhelming. Your Mango is beautiful. XOX


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