Memories, Blessings and Faith

One year ago, Lars, Josh and Matilda were in France.

We missed them very much and I was homesick to be with them.

This year has gone by very fast.

I wish someone would slow things down.


Yesterday we had the best appointment with Dr S,

of course we discussed Libby the entire time,

 remembering that my pug girl is getting older

and going forward will be with her age of 16 in mind.

I took this photo of Libs years ago


it is my favorite.

She has my vintage necklace on and it makes me smile.


Today is Maundy Thursday.

Today represents the last supper Jesus had with his disciples.

This holy week is my favorite of the entire year.

There is something so positive in the rebirth of Jesus


of Spring.

Christmas Roses~ Karen and John Cox sent us the most beautiful flowers for Christmas. I saved the roses for Holy week, remembering that things do not die. They live in our hearts forever.


I wish you positive thoughts,




many blessings.

Happy Easter.

Love you.


2 thoughts on “Memories, Blessings and Faith

  1. Rita Leach says:

    I love your post. Have a very happy and blessed Easter. We love you.
    Cliff & Rita.

  2. Bobbie & Bill says:

    Robin & Larry: Bill & I both feel your pain about Libby. How funny about Larry saying “no more dogs” because Bill said the same thing to me but after all this time we are thinking again about another dog (a boston “terror” or French bulldog???). No one to take the place of Ajax, but just another sweet dog to love. This winter my neighbor helped me make an Ajax scrapbook. When I visit TX again, I will bring it along and share it with you both. Libby plays a very prominent role in it. I have never been a “scrapbooker” but we have enjoyed looking at the Ajax book even though it is still very painful.

    Happy spring!

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